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    Dragon, Bronze

    Really, the only question to ask by this point is: 'what LA will the wyrmling get?'. To think I expected something of dragons.

    Anyway, time for bronze dragons. Their breath weapons are a line of lightning and a cone of repulsion gas (the latter of which is actually a pretty cool save-or-suck). Skills are Disguise, Swim and Survival: three skills that are needed only sometimes, but pretty useful when they are.


    Compared to the blue dragon, bronzes come out on top overall, though not enough to warrant a LA. Also: what is the deal with metallic dragons getting Speak With Animals?

    Very Young

    Fun fact: dragons never get anything interesting at their first age increase. -0 LA.


    Alternate Form is even more useless on dragons than it'd be on other ECL 12 characters: basically any ability possessed by the allowed forms a young bronze dragon already possesses by nature.

    Here be more age categories

    Greetings, traveler from the distant future. I placed this message here on 27-11-2017, knowing nobody would find it because nobody would ever look at a random dragon's level adjustment justifications. If you do find it though, feel free to inform me!

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    Also, in case you were actually looking for my justification for those LA's: big dragon has big RHD, big RHD no good, -0 LA everywhere.
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