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    One supposes an FF style gunsword would be an amusing combo. Especially if we do a little switcheroo and swap it into a chainsaw-lasergun.

    Here's a list of items that piqued my interest for either customizing, combining, or cobbling.
    Spoiler: Mundane Items of Note

    Ranged Options
    (Also listed are the base Design Point, or bDP, cost of each weapon for use with the Creating New Weapons rules; a lot of guesswork here so feel free to correct me.)
    Autograpnel (8 bDP; exotic, firearm, ranged, 2-hand, 30' range, up to 300', 1d8 dmg, crit x3, can use Pull combat maneuver, reload is standard action + move action)
    Barbed Arrow/Bolt (? bDP; 2gp, 3 lbs, range 30' w/silk rope, grappling)
    Bombchucker (ranged, one-hand, +10' range increment to thrown splash weapons)
    Flask Launcher (5 bDP; improvised only, ranged, 2-hand, reload is full-round action, damage based on ammo)
    Flight Grapnel (6 bDP; ranged, thrown, one-hand, 20' range, 1d6 dmg, x2 crit, grappling)
    Grappling Hook (6 bDP; ranged, one-hand, 10' range, 1d6 dmg, x2 crit, grappling)
    Grenade Launcher (exotic, ranged, 2-hand, heavy, range 100', damage based on ammo)
    Harpoon (9 bDP; exotic, melee, 2-hand, thrown, 10' range, 1d8 dmg, x3 crit, grappling)
    Jetcaster (9 bDP; ranged, 2-hand, 10' cone, reload is move action that doesn't provoke, damage based on ammo)
    Key Wound Rattler (6 bBP; 20' range, aimed not thrown, 1d3 nonlethal)
    Lasso (6 bDP; exotic, ranged, 10' range, 6 lbs, no damage, entangling)
    Net (6 bDP; exotic, ranged, 10' range, 6 lbs, no damage, entangling)
    Net, Snag (6 bDP; exotic, ranged, 10' range, 10 lbs, piercing, entangling, tripping)
    Poison Belcher (6 bDP; ranged, one-hand, 10' range increment up to 30'ranged touch, damage based on ammo)
    Powder Ball (6 bDP; ranged, thrown, move action to light fuse, 2d6 fire in 10' radius three times)
    Pull-Cord Grenade (6 bDP; ranged, thrown, move action to pull cord, 2d6 bludgeoning and 1d6 fire)
    Pump Water Canister (6 bDP, ranged, 10' max, fires with standard action that provokes, boiling water deals 1d6 points of scalding damage)
    Sky Mine (6 bDP; ranged, 300' max range, 50' radius burst, 10d6 fire damage, skill or Wis check to fire takes standard action)
    (DM Note: " mines are okayed with two provisos: Reflex save DC 15 for half damage, and the cost is NOT reduced to 1/10 normal (putting it on par, cost-wise and damage-wise, with a 1-shot rocket launcher; better AoE and doesn't neet an item creation feat or tech lab, but slightly worse damage and harder to field effectively.)")
    Slime Grenade (6 bDP; ranged, thrown, 5' range increment, 2d6 acid damage and 3d6 acid to select equipment ignoring Hardness, splash damage vs select equipment only, Ref for half damage to equipment)
    Tossglove (6 bDP; ranged, one-hand, thrown ammo only, damage based on ammo)

    Utility Options
    (Just cool stuff I'd like to fiddle about with either in using Cobbled Item versions or combining them with the above into custom weapons.)
    Adventurer's Sash
    Artisan's Tools
    Autosniper Trap
    Balloon Trap
    Bear Trap
    Black Powder
    Block and Tackle
    Bone Paste
    Buoyant Balloon
    Camoflage Blanket
    Camoflage Net
    Contracting Rope
    Ion Tape
    Lifting Net Trap
    Miner's Pick
    Neural Inhibitor
    Sawback Sword
    Sentry Mannequin
    Skeleton Key
    Sleeve Holster
    Tangleburn Bag
    Tanglefoot Bag
    Venom Trap
    Weapon Cord
    Wind Platform
    Wrist sheath (Spring Loaded)

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