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    Dragon, Gold

    The horribleness of dragons notwithstanding, the Gold's picture is actually pretty funny. Remember, kids: being large doesn't penalize your Move Silently!

    Breath weapons are a cone of fire (definitely not outperformed by spells) and a cone of gas that deals a few points of strength damage. I take back all the back things I said about the Copper Dragon's breath: this one takes the cake when it comes to underwhelming attacks.


    The only interesting thing I'm seeing here is the Alternate Form, and that's done better by a Master of Many Forms. Also, the MoMF isn't stripping away all their other class features when they shapeshift. -0 LA.

    Very Young

    I think a LA of -(321460-1) is most fitting here.


    Still nothing interesting.

    Eag Scategorie!

    I admit that Golds do get some flavorful abilities (creating Luckstones, detecting gems), but by the time they're attainable one could create Luckstones by the dozen or create an epic spell that gives you the location, type and value of every gem within a few hundred miles.
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