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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Vestiges Type II

    Reserving this for a vestige in the works. It should, (hopefully), get finished tonight.

    EDIT: Ta-da

    Telyn, made from Mind and Magic

    Born of a ritual gone awry, Telyn is a being of illusion and curiosity. He grants his binder the ability to call forth a servant from their mind, and an affinity for the powers of chaos and the mind.

    Vestige Level: 3
    Binding DC: 23

    Legend: In a great battle long ago, between wild magic and powers of the mind, tales tell of two vestiges that arose. Two foes so bitter that they still hold to their ancient enmity, a fact made plain to any binder foolish enough to contact both.
    It is rumored by few that their fight produced a third vestige, born of the mental energies and chaotic magic wielded that day. A simple being, granted mind and form, yet bound to exist only in the realm of vestiges. Akin to a child, it is rumored that this being, known as Telyn, dwells on that plane. It amuses itself with minor tricks and peers into the real world to sate its curiosity.

    Special requirement: After tracing Telynís seal, a gold piece must be flipped into the seal. It may be recovered after the pact is complete.

    Manifestation: As the coin falls and touches the pattern, it disappears and the sealís surface appears to turn into gold, engraved with a strange pattern. A blue and purple mist rises from the ground around the edge of the seal, coalescing into a sphere resembling an eye, with a gold piece for a pupil.

    It is said that if one studies the engravings, a picture of the battle between Magidin and Libro is shown. No scholar has reportedly seen the same image twice.

    Sign: You bear an abstract tattoo somewhere on your person, seemingly painted on, fashioned from blue and purple paint.

    Influence: You are always interested in finding out new things; if you have an opportunity to try something you've tried before you must unless doing so would be against your morals or is an immediate threat to your well-being.

    Granted Powers:

    The Makersí Colors: While bound to Telyn, you may detect law and chaos as if using the psionic power Aura Sight. Law is shown through the color purple, and Chaos through the color blue. Furthermore, you may detect the presence (but not number, strength or location) of psionic and magical auras, as if under the benefit of Detect Psionics/Magic. You must show Teyln's sign to use this ability.

    Born of Mind and Magic: While bound to Telyn, half of your binder levels (rounded down) stack with your soulknife levels for determining your Enhanced Mind Blade class feature. Sorcerers who are bound to Telyn, get a bonus to their caster level equal to half your binder level (rounded down). This can't increase your caster level beyond your character level. Furthermore, when you bind Telyn, choose a metamagic feat you qualify for. As long as you are bound to Telyn, you get that feat as a bonus feat and can use metamagic without increasing the casting time of your sorcerer spells.

    Creativity (Sp): You may use an effect identical to the Major Creation spell as a standard action, at will, with an effective caster level equal to your binder level. You may only have one object created at a time, and the object lasts until you create another or Telyn is no longer bound.

    Imaginary Friend: As a standard action, you may summon an imaginary friend, functioning as Summon Monster II. At Binder level 9, this ability becomes Summon Monster III. This increases to Summon Monster IV at 13 and Summon Monster V at 17. Only one creature may be summoned, not multiple from a lower level list, although a creature from a lower level list may be selected.

    Starting at Binder level 6, Telynís Binder may select an astral construct Menu A choice to apply to the Imaginary Friend. At 12th level, Telynís binder may select a Menu B choice. At 18th level, Telynís binder may select a Menu C choice. A single Menu B choice may be swapped for two Menu A choices, and a Menu C choice may be swapped for two Menu B choices (only one of which may be swapped for two Menu A choices.)

    The summoned monster lasts for a number of rounds equal to half you binder level.

    Once this ability has been used, it can't be used again until 5 rounds after the duration elapses, though the summoned monster may be dismissed early, as usual.

    People binding Teyln through the Improved Bind Vestige feat get the The Makers' Colors ability. If they have the Practiced Binder feat, they gain the Born of Mind and Magic ability as well.
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