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    Dragon, Silver

    Yea, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of suboptimal dragons, I fear no underpoweredness, for I am almost friggin' done!

    Silver dragons. Breath Weapon #1: Cone of Cold (don't bother). Breath Weapon #2: Paralyzing gas (very nice). Skills: Bluff (good), Disguise (okay) and Jump ().


    Compared to the Very Young Brass, these guys have two slightly better breath weapons, +4 to all mental stats, Alternate Form, worse speeds, better armor, a slightly worse subtype, and an additional immunity because why the hell not? Also, they can walk on clouds instead of chatting with critters. Let's throw them a bone and say the skills are about average.

    Do silver wyrmlings need a LA? Being stronger than an equally-RHD'ed monster isn't necessarily a reason, as the imp and quasit show. I'm somewhat torn between +0 and +1, so just to be on the safe side (and because I want a change of pace), I'll put them at +1.

    Very Young

    Remember the bone I threw you? Give it back. -0 LA.


    I could analyze the ability boosts, armor bonuses, and caster level (note the singular) this age category nets you, or I could be happy for finally escaping dragon purgatory. Guess which option I'm picking? -0 LA.


    All the spell-likes older silver dragons get suck: don't play one. The end. FINALLY! FINALLY!
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