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    big teej, (pronounced with a dg, like in judge or edge, not tee-jay)

    Ways to Contact:

    PM, via this forum

    Posting Frequency:

    On a typical day, I am capable of posting at least once a day in the evening (somewhere between 6 PM and 11 PM). I can, if requested or required, post multiple times a day over most weekends. Unless I cannot post, I will always post to threads/send PMs alerting my players/GM to interference with my posting schedule.

    Type of Campaign:

    I am familiar with the rules for, and interested in playing games using any of the following systems: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, Savage Worlds, Pokemon Tabletop United, Pokemon World, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition,Iron Kingdoms RPG: Full Metal Fantasy, and Shadowrun: Anarchy.

    I do not have a preference for campaign type, genre, or structure, provided the game takes itself seriously.

    Types of Characters:

    I no longer have preferences over the 'type' of character I play, at least mechanically. However, below is a list of characters I have played in the past.

    Old Characters:

    I have had very few PbP experiences, and aside from 1 game on the Privateer Forums, and the game I am currently running, haven't been in a Play by Post that didn't die in the first few pages.

    However, in the interest of information, here is a non-exhaustive list of characters I have played over the past few years.

    Spoiler: Past characters, in order of recollection

    Hida Kuma - an L5R Character, Jade Magistrate, Crab to the hilt. Game/Character Highlights: Scaring Lion Bushi with Crab ghost stories and tales of the Shadowlands. Causing a scene for my fellow magistrates by dragging a MahoTsukai through the streets of a major Lion city, and being tricked by my party members into believing that my fighting spirit summoned a Jade Bear to do battle with an Oni.

    Yasuki Osuki - an L5R Character, A salacious salesman of firepower. Game/Character Highlights: The game died before it's third session due to emergent scheduling issues. but YASUKI OSUKI, ARMS DEALER EXTRAORDINAIRE, DESPOILER OF VIRTUE: THE GOLDEN CARP lives on fondly in the memory of all players.

    Hlaine the Rogue - DnD 5th Human Rogue. A scheming pragmatist who insisted he was taught by the best (and largely self taught). Game/Character highlights: routinely ignoring the paltry rewards offered by major NPCs in the questline in favor of setting up massive mercantile enterprises. (example: Party was contracted with clearing out some goblins from a nearby mine, Party discovered a Dwarven Citadel beneath the mine, the rest of the party said "Huh, weird, whatever, let's go get paid." Hlaine instead fast-talked his way into an audience with the Dwarven Leadership and upon returning to the Human city nearby, helped establish diplomatic and trade relations between the city and their newly discovered neighbors.) getting the paladin to murder a business partner who'd betrayed Hlaine's trust, while manipulating events in a manner that the Paladin did not murder an innocent or fall.

    Gabriel Kine - an Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy character played on the Privateer Forums, Game/Character Highlights: Gabriel Kine was my first forray into .... very heavily dialect'd characters, an affectation I enjoy using when appropriate (cross ref. Leonardo the Carny, an NPC from my Kanto game)

    Blacklist the Vigilante - Savage Worlds: Necessary Evil Character. Game/Character Highlights - Character had hyper regenerative and armor capabilities, so walking around as a physically indestructible character was a ton of fun. Character through a variety of comic book shenanigans and thoughtless heroism developed a long-term relationship with the leader of the underground resistance movement.... and then a harem of elementals. also scored the campaign-ending attack, sniping the leader of the alien invasion, causing all of their subordinates to gun each other down in attempting to take control.

    Lou Wai the Wanderer - Savage Worlds: Deadlands character, a Martial Artist. Game/Character Highlights - character successfully dueled with the ghost of a Samurai and a steam-tech augmented gladiator (not at the same time)

    Old Campaigns:

    As mentioned above, I haven't had much experience with play by post games, aside from the one I'm running currently.

    Other Information:

    As a Rule, I prefer the use of Orokos over forum dice rollers.

    Prospective GMs or Players may peruse my Kanto Aftermath game and the game's Obsidian Portal to familiarize themselves with how I play and write on the GM side of the screen, which I like to think is representative of me as a Player.

    I am willing to serve as a sounding board and aide for new GMs and Players.

    In the Future, after the Kanto region game is complete, I have plans to run, potentially concurrently, several other campaigns on these forums. The Game Masters of any successful game I am able to participate in will be offered a spot in a game of their choosing, with priority over other applicants.
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