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[Soul Society]

"Indeed. At the very least, however, you don't need to alter your phrasing out of fear of a trap. I am not seeking to sway your mind just yet."

That's reassuring. Jehoel turns away from Masaru and keeps going.

"Tell me about him, if you would be so kind. Your captain."
Masaru stops walking for almost a minute at that request. Jehoel can feel the tension in the air from the question. He can practically taste the tension. Finally, Masaru calmly begins walking again, and once caught up with Jehoel, begins speaking. Slowly, carefully, in a precisely-measured tone.

"Captain Osuma was...a singular individual. Many considered him a figure of legend; while he was not the first Captain of our Division, or the first Kenpachi, he seemed to fit that same mold. Osuma was a man of strength who did what he could to encourage and grow the strength in others. He believed in leading his men and women from the battlefield, and cared about their success and failure."

Of course, he'd also done little to change the negative attitudes and "traditions" of the Division. But to the man who'd murdered Osuma, Masaru would not speak a breath of such critique.