I don't care that it technically isn't a dragon: I'm counting this as dragon purgatory's death throes.

Dragonnes have 9 magical beast HD. In exchange, they get good bonuses to all physical stats and suffer a slight loss (probably) regarding mental abilities. They're large, but lack reach. Speed is either above-average land or average flight.

Pounce is always good on a melee build, especially once that bite attack is swapped for a mouthpick weapon. The two claw attacks are less swanky, but they're better than nothing.

Finally, there's their Roar, which can fatigue or exhaust people unless they succeed on a Will save. On the one hand: exhaustion is a very strong debuff against melee people, but on the other hand the roar is extremely likely to affect your own party. Having to spend a standard action on it isn't the greatest thing either.

To me, Dragonnes seem to fit neatly as ECL 9 characters. There's no need for a positive LA.