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    The first PC race has been reached! At times it's like the only PHB race people ever use is human, so let's give the dwarves some of their well-deserved attention.

    Mountain/Hill Dwarf

    Also known as 'the underground one' and the 'slightly less underground one'. Mechanically both standard PHB dwarves, so I shouldn't have to explain why I'm giving them +0 LA.

    Deep Dwarf

    Another +0 LA, but one I'm surprised isn't picked more often. Better saves against spells, SLA's and poison than regular dwarves, a 50% increase to darkvision range, and nothing but Light Sensitivity (you know, that situational, minor, easily mitigable penalty) to balance it out. I don't really see a reason to pick mountain dwarf over this one.

    Also, why do deep dwarves, who spend their entire lives underground, have brighter hair and skin than other dwarves? Don't cavern organisms generally get less colorful?


    Lots of bonuses on a standard dwarf chassis here. Poison resistance turns to immunity (very useful when your next-door neighbors are drow), darkvision range gets increased, skill bonuses, and finally two SLA's with a caster level equal to twice (!) your character level (there's bound to be some ways to abuse that). I say they're fine at +1 LA.
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