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    Spoiler: Player Table
    Username Character Race Sheet Theme Song
    Blinkbear Eldrun Human Dragonfire Adept N/A
    CleverCricket Unnamed Elf Sorcerer N/A
    LairdMaon Otto Muskelmann Goliath Fighter (Exoticist) N/A
    Libro <Insert Sheet Here> Human Evolutionist N/A
    LoyalPaladin Avery Montgomery Human Hexblade Devil Went Down to Georgia

    Woah! I step away for a bit and this is what happens! Y'all are great, you really are.

    Quote Originally Posted by LoyalPaladin View Post
    I'll re-read them. It's 95 degrees outside and, being from the PNW, I've got the cold subtype and am slowly dying.
    Oh no! Quick, let's raise funds to send LP some item that grants protection from heat dangers!

    Quote Originally Posted by LoyalPaladin View Post
    Wow! That really makes my day. I worked hard on it.
    Well, I mean... I've always loved the Hexblade fluff. It made me super sad to see that the class itself was so crummy. Enter the LoyalPaladin version! And there was much rejoicing.

    Conclusion: I'd play it. I'd totally play it. I would jump at playing it.

    Quote Originally Posted by CleverCricket View Post
    Wow... I feel like an outsider here. Like the new kid trying to join an established group of friends.

    Sorry I've been a bit slow on getting my character together. Should have at least the bare bones up tonight.
    CleverCricket, I feel your pain. I was the new kid pretty recently - feels like yesterday, really - and I'm actually freaking out a bit on the inside that a forum celebrity like LP is in my game. (I had the honor of providing the honorable LudicSavant with images for his pantheon a month or two ago, which evoked much the same reaction, but the cake-taker was when Rizban - freakin' RIZBAN - said he'd be interested in my work, like wow.) But trust me: you are totally welcome here. Just do your thing, it's fine, everyone has to start somewhere and some people start off really well. (Like yourself, if my instincts are correct.)

    And as someone who can sometimes be a bit overly methodical with her character building: no apology required.

    Quote Originally Posted by LairdMaon View Post
    Don't worry about it, I'm still pretty new to PbP boards myself. I consider myself lucky to have found these guys. I'm sure you will too. Get some experience here and you'll feel a lot more comfortable pretty quick.

    Edit: Btw, cool as DEA is, she ain't no fool and I can't imagine her running a game for someone who ain't worth it. So you MUST be cool. And if you're cool by her book, you're cool in my book.
    Awww! You honor me, Laird, you really do. Thank you.

    Seconding the first part of this quote, as well. It's just a matter of keeping at it until you've settled in, and in my experience it doesn't take long. You'll be fine, Cricket. Great, even.

    Quote Originally Posted by LoyalPaladin View Post
    Anybody know of a super low CR Ooze that a True Neutral caster could take as his familiar?
    There's the Sanguine Ooze Swarm, from Pathfinder. It's in the PFSRD, but it's not OGC, so I shan't link it. Other than that, I don't think there's any. It's part of a set of four - one for each classical humour/temperament - but it's the only one whose CR is on the same level as creatures that Improved Familiar allows characters with caster level < 5 to take. It's oddly fitting; the sanguine temperament is the one that most closely fits your character's personality: it corresponds to the blood, and to all things passionate, courageous, and jovial. Perfect for a gambling type. The ooze itself has a special attack causing hysterical laughter.

    Quote Originally Posted by LoyalPaladin View Post
    *snip: player table*
    Spoiler: Avery Montgomery

    Spoiler: Appearance & Personality

    Shoulder length brown hair and dark brown eyes, Avery dresses in typical Mississippi boatmen wear, topped off with a nice hat. His charismatic personality and good looks get him into trouble as often as they get him out of it, but Avery is a kind man who enjoys a good hustle. It's nothing personal, just business.
    Spoiler: Background

    Avery grew up in a caravan of gyspsys, learning their cartomancy and roguish skills. By the time he was a young man, he was proficient at hustling and had picked up a few dark magic tricks. He skipped town and joined a local circus, hoping it would lead him to great adventures. He's been honing his skills every since, hustling locals when he's not performing for the circ and spending some time with the local women.
    Spoiler: 10-Minute Background

    Step 1: Write 5 background and concept elements that you feel are important to your image of the character.
    • Despite being a "gambler", Avery leaves very little to chance, rigging events as best he can.
    • He fights with tarot cards.
    • He fancies himself a bit of a fancy man.
    • He's got a weakness for pretty women.
    • He is a gentleman.

    Step 2: List at least two goals for the character.
    • To pull off an incredibly difficult hustle.
    • To be renowned as either the world's greatest gambler or the world's greatest cartomancer.

    Step 3: List at least two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet.
    • (Known) He dabbles in some dark eldritch arts.
    • (Unknown) He hustled a prestigious mage who is not happy.

    Step 4: Describe at least three people that are tied to the character. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile.
    • (Friendly) Dobber, a young local man that Avery has been teaching "magic tricks".
    • (Friendly) Lacey, the owner of a certain "gentleman's club".
    • (Hostile) The prestigious mage.

    Step 5: Describe three memories, mannerisms, or quirks that your character has.
    • (Memory) His first hustle.
    • (Mannerism) Tipping his hat to attractive young ladies.
    • (Quirk) Calling people "partner".

    You win another internet for that theme song.

    Nitpicky thing that few people know about of the day: "gypsy" is a slur. I will not be saying any more on the matter, forum rules being as they are, but suffice to say that using the term is not in the best of taste. If you wish to know more on the subject, please ask Google and not anyone on this forum.

    This is not to say that you need to take them out of your backstory; I'll just be fleshing them out a bit.

    Quote Originally Posted by CleverCricket View Post
    Alright, so here is the beginnings of my elven sorceress. She performs as a dancer using her whip and her magic to amaze the audiance. I intend to enchant her whip, but otherwise am not sure what to spend her gold on at the moment. Her spells focus on illusion and transmutation, she is not a blasty sorcerer.
    May I recommend the skill Perform (Weapon Drill)? It's from Complete Warrior, and it's basically the art of showing off your prowess with a weapon. You get half your BAB (rounded down) as a bonus on the check. It sounds perfect for performing with a whip or daggers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Official Perform (Weapon Drill) Description Text
    This category of the Perform skill covers any sort of weapon display, such as twirling a sword or flipping a dagger from hand to hand.

    And, as previously mentioned,

    Quote Originally Posted by Blinkbear View Post
    Would you allow to burn a feat to get a skill permanently as class skill? If so, would you also allow it to apply directly at level 1 (usually feats are selected after the skills were already done).
    Quote Originally Posted by DontEvenAsk View Post
    Yes on the feat-for-class-skill tradeoff. If it's your first-level feat, then yes, it may apply directly from first level.
    Quote Originally Posted by LoyalPaladin View Post
    Skill Knowledge from Unearthed Arcana does just that!
    To clarify, Skill Knowledge lets you do one of two things:
    1. Choose two skills from the list of all skills that are class skills for any of your classes and make them permanently class skills no matter what class you take. (This is for multiclassers.)
    2. Choose one skill that is not a class skill for any of your classes and make it a permanent class skill.

    Since the Perform skills are for fluff - the sort of skill you might have to be careful about getting docked points for in an optimization contest if you don't clarify that it's for flavor - I'd be willing to let you take both Perform (dance) and Perform (weapon drill) with just one feat slot of Skill Knowledge.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blinkbear View Post
    @color spray: "2HD or less: The creature is unconscious, blinded, and stunned for 2d4 rounds, then blinded and stunned for 1d4 rounds, and then stunned for 1 round. (Only living creatures are knocked unconscious.)" I mean, it would definitely be a stunning performance... :P I just think that a good part of the audicence actually fainting might become dangerous. Other spells: Disguise Self is also quite fun, ventriloquism a tad too specialized for a sorcerer I guess. Plus, you have ghost sound.

    @whipping: Okay, this is then just due my low competence.

    @making perform a class skill / skill focus: I know that this a problem. Thus I thought that maybe the skill focus would be okay: looking at the number of ranks you put into perform, on this level it is the same if you take either skill focus or make it a class skill. Assuming that you later will max other skills maybe, the skill focus would have the same value. On the other hand, there is also really no reason to prefer the skill focus, unless it is the prerequsite for something else you'd want. the real reasoning behind skill focus always seemed to me is that you would take in addition to a maxed skill.
    I'm currently playing a character whom I gave color spray for much the same reason. I'd allow a character who knows color spray to expend one cantrip use-per-day to produce a light show, visually resembling color spray but not conveying any of its negative effects, only dazzling onlookers.

    Elf is such a weak race anyway that I'd also be willing to give it bonus skill points as a human to fix this Perform problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blinkbear View Post
    Character Background: Part 1. Charred Books and Blistered Feet

    Spoiler: Spoilered for length
    Spoiler: Graphical inspiration

    Had you asked any of her early childhood teachers, if they could imagine her burning down the north wing of the Great Library of Skaldenhall, they would have agreed without hesitation. Of course, none of them could actually predict that exact outcome of her What could possibly go wrong?-attitude. Nevertheless, it was the exact thing that happened when she was at the tender age of 13.

    Since she was could read, she had always shown a knack for reading, especially during the long winter nights, curling up in some nice, warm place with a good book to call company. While those of her peers who were into books preferred fiction, she loved to burrow deeply into obscure pieces of knowledge, even if she only understood a minor fraction of what she read. Most prominently, she was excited by the writing style of arcanists: a strange mix of passion and objectivity, she could imagine the authors burning for what their research, in a constant fight to arrange the words to form unassailable arguments. What started with reading strange pamphlets of amateurs, continued with studying old, delicate grimoires in the enormous library of her home town Skaldenhall, or as the Skaldenhallers called it: "The last bastion of civilization and wisdom in the north", located in the large, arctic nation of Alltidvit, which in turn was separated from the warmer parts of the continent by the vast tundra known as Grönkant in their tongue.

    It was one of those days in winter, where the sun would not even bother to rise over a bleak Skaldenhall. Another of those days best spent in one of the cozy armchairs in the library with a huge tome of ancient, cryptic knowledge. For the last few weeks, she had delved into an old diary of a sorcerer who had traveled the world; a book full of travel reports, short magical studies, and dragons. The author's passion for the matter of the scaly, winged beasts was unmistakable, constantly mixed with the absurd arrogance of being one of their descendants, describing rituals to awakening the heritage hidden from deep inside him. Torn apart between marking the author down as deranged and believing every single of the nicely written words, she digged deeper and deeper, sometimes hiding when they would lock the halls for the night, and continuing to read in the light of a small lamp. Just like she did on this winter day that would tear her peaceful life apart and tragically turn it into an adventure. Today, the lights in the library went out early, and again she was alone in the huge building. She had reached a part of the diary describing a ritual, claiming that it would turn a worthy subject into a dragon. Of course, she did not believe the claims. Of course she could not resist to prove that, though. Fortunately, all the requisites for the ritual could be found in the library, and without former thinking about consequences, she performed it to the best of her understandings.

    Little did she know the actual magic she performed with the ritual, while chanting the invocations she had found in the book. When the ritual was over, she could feel the static in the air, and she knew that something had happened. But when she inspected herself in one of the mirrors, she found herself to look exactly as before: no scales, no wings, no tail, no nothing. While she had suspected it before, she was kind of disappointed about the outcome of her little experiment. She started to recreate the room from before her ritual, and put back everything into place, including the old carpet that she had needed. She carried the thing that was probably older than herself back to its position, letting it fall into place in her frustration. A cloud of dust ascended let her cough excessively, bringing forth... flames. The fire felt hot in her mouth but didn't even burn her lips as they found their way out. Struck by fear, she had to observe how the flames went over to the shelf in front of her, the flames starting to eat their way through the books. Her desperate tries to extinguish the fire failed, and the smoke let her cough and spit even more flames, forcing her to flee the building. Outside, the quickly raised alarm, but it was already too late for this part of the library.

    Naturally, her deeds did not stay unpunished. However, instead of agreeing that she had burned it down out of utter carelessness or even intent, she claimed that it was an accident, and that it was not her fault that the magical ritual had turned her into a dragon. However, no one believed her, and she was accused of being an attention seeker, a troublemaker, and that it now became clear that it was nothing but intent. Enraged, she spit dragonfire through the court room before she was finally subdued. The court of Skaldenhall honored tradition and knowledge, and it was not known for its mercy. After all, she had not only burned down a wing of the library, she had also endangered the members of the court themselves in her outbreak. As she was only a teenager, and had not killed anyone, her punishment turned out non-fatal, but nonetheless devastating: Banishment. One brought the devastated teenager to the borders of Alltidvit, gave her food and warm clothes, and forced her to walk out of the country into the icy tundra of Grönkant, to never return again, leaving behind everything, the few family and friends, and everything she ever had called home.

    Coming Soon: Part 2. Mithral and Darkwood.

    WIP character sheet:
    Quote Originally Posted by Blinkbear View Post
    DontEvenAsk, I invented some names in my background, and actually some geography stuff. Is that okay?
    The fluff you have fits fine in the setting. The Northlands, as the tapering northern parts of the continent are called, start at their southernmost edge as cold temperate forests, but progress into mountains, taiga, and eventually tundra. Alltidvit sounds as if it would be on the northeastern coast - judging from your character image, this fire-eater lady seems to be of the eastern Northlander ethnicities, those that are kin to the Northlings of the far eastern continent and resemble real-world Mongols. The northern tip of this continent, Avitia, actually touches the northern tip of the eastern continent of Cadia due to a frozen sea bridge. More western Northlanders have a more Slavic turn to them. (Not that those are the only ethnic groups among Northlanders, but they're the most common ones.)

    That said, the Germanic names you have assigned this region would place Alltidvit at... drats, I don't know how to describe it. Imagine the Gronkant Tundra, as shown on a map. It is a region, a blotch on the land. It does not hug the coast precisely; rather, the coastal region makes a strip of land that surrounds it (this is because most of the eastern coast of the continent is mountainous.) Alltidvit would have to be in this coastal mountain region, since the mountains are generally where the Germanic peoples hang out. It's in the lower mountains, overlooking the tundra; a place where Eastern Northlanders, Western Northlanders, and Southern Northlanders come together in search of higher learning, trade, or adventure.

    Other races this far north include urskans (think Philip Pullman's panserbjorne) which give the region a fearsome reputation, the Laakvoda tribes, often called "primitives" by southerners (basically neanderthals) and their mage elite the frostfolk, and ice elves, former wood elves that came north and begged the ability to shapeshift into otters from the god Obad-Hai (based on Dragonlance's Dimernesti, or Shoal Elves.)

    The Midlands, across the widest, central swathe of the continent, are home to the aforementioned CeltiGermanic Baerlings as well as the Luxites, a Roman/Greek/Italian ethnic group (with southern neighbors not dissimilar to the Spanish and Portuguese) that until recently governed an empire that ruled all of the Midlands and some of the Southlands, as well as minimal portions of the Northlands, and the various Heartlander kingdoms, which we would recognize as French or English.

    The Southlands start off at their northernmost edges as something similar to the Middle East and get steadily more African the farther south one goes. The continent of Avitia is crescent-shaped, opening towards the east. Its southern tip, like its northern one, comes near the corresponding coast of the continent of Cadia, although because the waters are warmer down there, there is no frozen sea connecting the two. Across the narrow sea from the Southlands are further Southlander kingdoms and the land of Enqastan (based on Persia.) Cadia is mostly governed by the (Chinese) Empire of Ri'Huang, although its (Mongol) Northlings have never been conquered. Enqastan, however, is fiercely resistant of Ri'Huang-hua rule, for various reasons, but mostly because Enqastan is Gruumshar while Ri'Huang, like most of the civilized world, is Corellonite. (Enqastan is a desert kingdom. Gruumsh is the god of rain. This is not an uncommon arrangement in southern regions.)

    Avery, due to his name and his classically French-influenced-American-South theme, seems likely to be a Heartlander - originating from the grassy hills and lowlands in the very center of the continent. The main source of income for this region is agriculture - much like the American South in ye olden days - and trade through the river that flows into Dalachros (among others.) Like most of the continent now that the Luxite Empire has fallen, but even more so than other regions, the Heartlands are divided into many kingdoms and city-states. Traveling merchants are common there because it is where the Luxites built some of their best and most important trade roads, and due to the proliferation of old ruins there (Luxite forts, ancient barrows, long-abandoned fiefs, and the like) it is also popular for adventurers.

    Blinkbear's character is well established as being a Northlander - probably an eastern Northlander.

    Otto, meanwhile, as I mentioned, is likely native to the region surrounding Dalachros. It's mountainous and broadly Germanic, although the Dalachrosi people are actually not originally endemic to the area, having been led there by King Dalach in the distant pre-Luxite era to escape strife in more westerly Baerling areas. Dalachrosites are still Baerlings, and centuries of living in the area has made them more of a blend of eastern and western Baerling culture than their original pure western Baerling ancestry would suggest - not to mention additions from the culture of pretty much every other known culture; Dalachros is one of the only ports to penetrate the mountains that defend the eastern coast, making it the best stop for trade with Cadia, so people from all over flock there. It's known as the "Jewel of the Midlands." Dalachros is also notable in that it was originally three cities: a city of merfolk and other aquatic humanoids just off the coast, the city of King Dalach and his followers from the west, and beneath Dalach's surface city, a subterranean drow city built around a vein of vergent (what the game rules call mithral.) The Dalachrosi are among the few human peoples to fully embrace drow as trade partners and neighbors; the drow, for their part, are not as overwhelmingly evil as the bog-standard D&D drow - mostly Chaotic Neutral - and generally mind their own business with their gnoll and ettercap underclass in the undercity. The mountains surrounding Dalachros are home to a number of races, goliaths among them. The Dalachrosi traditionally have good relations with most of these races; it's part of why the city has been so successful over the years.

    Cricket, I take it your elf is a high elf - these are originally a desert race, originating in the northern edges of the Southlands and famed for the beauty of their city-states. They are notorious for their high-brow academic and magical accomplishments. In ages past they tended to be isolationists; they have long since died out in Cadia for exactly this reason. In Avitia, however, they are very much alive, and this is because they gave up their isolationism long ago to expand throughout the continent. They can be found nearly everywhere, particularly in cities that support centers of higher learning. They are generally considered to be somewhat dismissive - traditional elven belief holds that humans and most other races were mere prototypes for the elves, which are the perfected product of Corellon, the master race; how much any individual elf believes in their own superiority over members of other races varies widely. Most are intellectualists - not that they believe more physical pursuits lack merit, but that they should always be accompanied by careful thought. High-contact sports, for instance, are rare among the high elves. High elves have tan or golden skin - in various shades and tones, sometimes literally shimmering as if gilded - and eyes in bright colors like green, blue, gold, or violet. They are Corellonites, but also venerate Boccob, the Scribe of Corellon, and Yondalla, Corellon's daughter. They pay distant homage to Moradin (Corellon's brother, with whom he forged the world) and Joramy (Iora-Mya being the original form; goddess of fire and wife of Moradin.) Garl Glittergold, husband of Yondalla and son of Moradin, is long dead; his former existence is known and acknowledged. Much rarer knowledge, however, is the story of Leraje, Corellon's elder daughter. Officially, she never existed. High elven names tend to be longer than wood elven names, sounding more academic and fancy and with more Us, Is, and Ls than wood elf dialects. So while a wood elf might be called Sirya, a high elf whose parents wanted to name her after the same concept might be called Sirionalia.

    Quote Originally Posted by LairdMaon View Post
    Spoiler: Otto Muskelmann

    Spoiler: Appearance & Personality

    Otto is a truly massive individual. He usually wears a shirt and coat to hide his build and the tattoos covering his body, after all, gotta pay to see the show!
    Beneath his ink his flesh is white, porcelain white. It's not something he likes to talk about.
    He longs to be a family man and it comes through in the way he treats the circus, like his family. He is the protective uncle.
    Beware the fool that harms his family.
    Spoiler: Background

    Normally, goliaths have their skin growths, called lithoderms. They regard them as not-quite holy markings. It's like having your astrological sign displayed via your flesh. Neat, huh?
    Well, Otto, he grew up and never grew any lithoderms. He has perfectly even, unmarked, unblemished skin. White. His skin looks like porcelain.
    He got ridiculed and mocked by everyone in his tribe. So, he packed up and left.

    To join the circus.

    And got tattooed up hard!

    Spoiler: 10-Minute Background

    Step 1: Write 5 background and concept elements that you feel are important to your image of the character.
    • He is ashamed of his origin.
    • He sees himself as a protective uncle to his troupe.
    • He still marvels at cultures outside of the Goliath society.
    • He has never killed a man/woman.
    • His tattoos are dwarven, elven and orcish symbols of strength.

    Step 2: List at least two goals for the character.
    • To truly master his weapons. All the better to watch over his family.
    • To find his true Fate.

    Step 3: List at least two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet.
    • (Known) He still has nightmares of the undead he encountered during his search for the circus.
    • (Unknown) Avril Telgar is pregnant with his child.

    Step 4: Describe at least three people that are tied to the character. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile.
    • (Friendly) The Master of the old circus.
    • (Friendly) The dwarven smith who forged his weapons.
    • (Hostile) Avril Telgar, with whom he dallied before sundering the cities favored tavern. Turns out she is the Maiden Mayor of that city.

    Step 5: Describe three memories, mannerisms, or quirks that your character has.
    • (Memory) His exile from his people.
    • (Mannerism) He uses pet names for people. It's nothing romantic, it's just his way.
    • (Quirk) He always wears a purple sash. It shows up in different parts of his attire.

    I just had a spark of inspiration!
    We were, in fact, part of a larger group. Until the Master's son, also part of the circus, died in a tragic contortionist act. Seeing his only son dead in some twisted pose was too much for him and he broke up the circus. The other folk departed and went back to their families, leaving the five of us to form our own smaller circus. We've been together for a little longer than a month now.

    This seems to be the preferred group origin, and I certainly like it best. I'll flesh out the larger circus a bit.

    Thanks to Laird, LP, and Blinkbear for these backstories - especially the little plot hooks buried in, I'm cackling evilly already!
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