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    Character Background: Part 2. Mithral and Darkwood
    Spoiler: Spoilered for length
    Spoiler: Grönkant

    Defiance. An appreciated and frowned upon trait at once. A trait that she had developed as a child, and now as a teenager became only more prominent. Her devastation over the banishment was strong. Her defiance was stronger. On one of her first night's rests, when the cold had found its way under her garments, her blistered feet had been wet from the melted snow, the hunger had burned in her empty stomach, and sleep had not come for hours, she suddenly felt some of the words from the ritual forming before her tired eyes again. And as she had repeated the words in her head, she fell into ecstatic gestures she had never performed before. The cold vanished as if someone had thrown a big mantle over her shoulders, and dried her boots in front of the fireplace. Her hunger still made her stomach growl like an angry dog, but at least she was not shivering from cold anymore. The realization filled her with happy thoughts, feelings of power, and of self-respect. She could become whatever she wanted, and whoever she wanted. She had always known that there were the powers beyond the mundane. But now, for a change, they had decided to be on her side.

    After sheer endless days of travel, Groenkant lay behind her. Maybe she would never have found a way out of it, if it had not been for the nomad tribe that let her travel with her: Hunters and gatherers traveling through the tundra, never staying in one place for too long. They were not fond of having strangers as guest, but their love and appreciation of children weight more than their reluctant hospitality. Together, there way led them to the southeast rim of Groenkant, where they said good bye, after an exchange of parting gifts. From that day on, she carried a shield with their coat of arms: The white fox on dark ground.

    Spoiler: Scales

    After almost two years since her banishment, she finally reached the midlands. She rarely had traveled on her own for too long, but never stuck with one group of wayfarers permanently, either. A lot of things had changed for her with meeting new people, challenges, and stories. Scales had started to sprout all over her body, and what started out as a fiery materialization of her anger had become a well-controlled weapon. The defiant teenager had grown into a defiant young woman. She had learned to win battles not only with fire but also with words, and her mostly unstructured knowledge of the world outside her previous home gained on substance and clarity. Still, some things had not changed, and she still liked to curl up on a comfy chair in front of the fire, a book her only company for the night.

    Just as she did in the night in which she met Otto. She had sit in her chair for hours, not minding the business around her if she didn't have too. Now and then, she had ordered more of the strong, hot herbal brew that the people in this lands preferred. But then, suddenly, hell had broken loose. What first sounded like a simple brawl on the other side of the tavern turned quickly into a mixture of angry and fearful screams. She turned around, just in time to dodge the wooden chair which had flown into her direction, and now burst into pieces upon its impact on the chimney. Noticing the huge man throwing chairs and tables as if they were skipstones, she instinctively ducked for cover. Then, she shouted over to the man, but his anger was apparently as strong as his arms and his beery breath. Upon seeing the other patrons flee in fear, she felt herself strangely attracted to the man. Not in a sexual way, but she felt like she could relate to him. To his anger, and to his lack of control. Maybe... But before she could think even further the giant was in front of her, eyes threatening to kill her by thrashing her against the wall, repeatedly. Without a warning or conscious contribution from her side, a cone of frost left her mouth, freezing the berserker in his rage. It had happened instinctively, but again, she had had the feeling to recall something she had once experienced, words forming in her head in a still unknown language. Frightened, she realized that someone had seen her, and voices building outside the tavern. She could see that the giant grew tired of his actions, robbed of his freedom in the icy tentacles. The tavern went silent and their eyes met. It was silent understanding. Outside they would already be planning on how to overpowering them. They took what little time was left, and let the town behind them.

    Since that day, and still today, they had traveled together as "uncle" and "niece", aiming at finding their fate and living an adventurous life. They never stayed too long in one place, and lived from different kind of jobs, some smaller, some bigger. This was how also how they met the dwarf Tranis, an eager mine owner, who was in dire need of hands who could help him with cleaning a one his mines from its hairy, undead inhabitants. Without thinking two long, the duo agreed. They had never fought the relentless walking dead before. Never had they previously encountered such an oddity of a creature. And only barely, they survived the job, escaped the giants webs, and burning them down. While their payment was in the form of mithral and crafting service, and very generous, they decided a few days thereafter not to do this again. While her being half drunk, she suggested that they were such misfits that they could only fit into the circus. And so they continued on with their journey into the unknown, still not knowing the way, but having a first, worthwhile, common goal.

    So, LairdMaon and I found to a way to connecting our characters. I could use your help guys. Which of the above portraits should I adapt for her?
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