Sir Corgington Goodboy Esquire the First
A perfect exemplar of honor,
the bad guys do think they're a goner.
When Goodboy's in town,
the lawless will frown,
and run from this hound's mighty holler.

Physical Description:
Sir Corginington Goodboy Esquire the First is a fearsome sight indeed. His rugged exterior is only matched by his indomitable will. His limbs, perfectly crafted for speed and athleticism, allow him to get a leg up on the bad guys. His fur, a majestic combination of function and fashion, protects him from the elements and provides him the perfect garb for any occasion. With ears like radar dishes and eyes like a hawk, it's no wonder this handsome warrior was chosen to lead an elite band of cavalry.

How he ended up in Wonderland:
Sir Corgingington Goodboy Esquire the First was born in Wonderland to a loving couple, along with his seven other siblings from the same littler. A much more civilized introduction to the world than other creatures, like those vacuum folk.

Sir Corgington Goodboy Esquire the First is blessed with remarkable speed, much faster than other quadrupeds like horses. But his major talents are being able to smell crime on a wrong doer and incredible perception/tracking skills. Including, but not limited to: following scents through and under water, sprinting through any solid material that is no more than 1.3 inches thick, ignoring obstacles that would normally hinder a being of larger size (low hanging branches, people's legs, coffee tables, etc.), and an incredible sense of hearing up to one half mile (remarkably, he can hear the words treat, ball, and walk up to a full mile away).

Mental Traits:
Sir Corgington Goodboy Esquire the First graduated at the top of his Geometry class, but was never very good at algebra. His literary skills are quite good and he is infatuated with Shakespear, whom he is convinced was a flamingo that would shake spears at his rival authors, Christopher Columbus and Yogi Bear.