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    Default Re: [PTU] The Heights of Londo (Re-recruitment)

    Got inspired to write backstory first, sheet to follow -- she's a Frost Touched as opposed to an Aura Guardian, and I'm still thinking Marksman for her primary class.

    EDIT: And Linne's sheet is here.

    Spoiler: Linne Hirschell
    Linne Hirschell was the only daughter of the Hirschell line of bowyers, known for their refined bamboo-crafted recurve bows. As the sole offspring of the bowyers, she was taught archery from an early age. When Linne was five, she accidentally fell into an icy lake -- and it was to her family's utmost relief that they found that she didn't seem bothered by the cold. She had a rather curious connection with the element of Ice, and the Sage of Vibrost deemed her to truly be frost-touched -- she would accidentally terrify other children that she played with, creating icicles and other snowflake patterns with a wave of her hand.

    With this gift discovered early, she was presented up for apprenticeship to a Knight in passing -- Ser Volim, a knight of Parmez, agreed to take the child and raise her in the ways of Knighthood in order to hone her discipline and control. At the age of seven, Linne left her home on a wagon bound for Parmez with Ser Volim, packed with a gift from her parents -- a Hirschell long bow that she would eventually grow into, should she remain steadfast in her studies and training.

    Linne never reached Parmez City.

    Halfway up their journey as they reached the banks of the Severed River, disaster struck. Battle horns were heard over the hill, and an enemy company of Lord Parmez appeared. With their banners held high, the cavalry charged, and arrows were loosed into the skies. Ser Volim's small unit was outnumbered and outflanked, and try as they might, it was clear that they were not about to escape this ambush. Ser Volim braced Linne under her arms as they dove for cover; they tumbled down the hill, and Linne looked on in horror as she saw arrows plunged at her Master's back. Ser Volim urged her to run. Clutching her family bow, Linne ran in the first direction she saw -- the Blackmore Forest.

    The forest loomed large and heavy over her small head, and she stumbled and tripped over branches and sunk into the mud. Just when she thought she was done for, she smelled smoke and hurried to a nearby clearing, where she saw a small bushfire and a panicking little Fennekin, who purred and urged her to do something. With a wave of her hand to douse the flame, blanketing it in powdered snow, Linne had prevented a large disaster and made a friend out of the little fox, who she found was rather cuddly and in need of company.

    The little fox pokemon found her berries, and led her to a little stream. The two realised that they could help each other, and spent the next couple of weeks building a little home in the woods and bonded with one another. Still terrified and lonely, Linne wondered if she would see her parents again -- she dared not leave the forest, thinking that the horrifying men with the swords and the banners were still after her if she went out into the open.

    Years passed. Linne and the Fennekin, who she named Zeta, built a small wooden cottage underneath an ancient tree and befriended other nearby wildlife and pokemon; she'd grown to feel quite happy with her ability to befriend wildlife, feeling less and less lonely even if there was no one else around. She'd become proficient in foraging for wild berries and nuts, and apricorns. As she grew, she became a bit more confident, finding travelling merchants who would purchase her foraged goods in exchange for other supplies. She was told of Diwyneb Town, the closest settlement, and eventually expanded to sell her foraged goods there and got to know some of the locals.

    Life was quite routine for Linne until she turned seventeen, when a kindly grandmother told her that she heard rumours that a 'Lady Hirschell' would be travelling down to Bastille Town. She was quite curious and anxious, wondering if it is her mother; resolving herself for the first time, and with the help of kind townsfolk that had became taken in by her throughout the years, she readied herself for her first trip abroad past the forest. There was a wide world out there, and she had little knowledge of what awaited her out there...
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