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    Backstory/Fluff done, character sheet done. Any edits from here on out will be tweaks that I overlooked/forgot about previously.

    Genevieve Neomme - Character Sheet

    Spoiler: Appearance
    Pink hair, dark red eyes. Favors fashionable clothes, but understands the need for solid footwear (but they must still match the outfit!). [/IMG]

    Since this is Pokémon and we're in Pokémon video game land - Genevieve gets pink hair. c:

    Spoiler: Early Life
    Genevieve Neomme was born in Floccesy Town, and she and her family moved to Castelia when she was four. After her parents found stable, well-paying jobs, they moved to the newly developed Route 4, where they could enjoy the space for a larger house while still being close to the city. Her parents both work in Castelia City as lower-level co-managers for a branch of the transportation company "Terrastar Inc." Their branch deals with Castelia's ship industry, transporting both goods and people across waters. It's a very successful branch of the company, bringing in hundreds of thousands of tourists a year and helping bolster trade within Unova and with other regions. She and her family are well off, though her parents don't think they will move much further up the corporate ladder, due to their lack of expertise with Pokemon. But, they have no complaints with their lives, having access to many modern day conveniences and entertainments and being able to support their child's dreams.

    Genevieve knew little about the Kimono Sisters during the early years of her life, but had still heard of them. Upon hearing about the school they were opening, she found resources detailing their heroics and skill, and likened them to her role model, Elesa. Elesa, however, had no plans to open a school or accept any new Gym Trainers, while the Kimono Sisters were opening their school the very year after she had turned ten, the year that many children go off to see the world. Thus, she decided that she wanted to attend their school - and directed all of her efforts into assuring her admission.

    Strong influences include: Gym Leader Elesa, Battle Company, Parents, Pokemon Musical

    Spoiler: Backstory
    Genevieve Neomme lived in Ecruteak City for the past four years, where she attended dance lessons from the age of 10 at Ecruteak School of Dance, run by the Kimono Sisters themselves. She lived with her grandfather who happened to reside there, away from her parents who reside in Unova, solely for the purpose of attending the sisters’ new dance school. Her parents, upon discovering that she wanted to go to this school and thinking it would be a good opportunity for their daughter, asked her what pokemon she wanted… and she requested that an Eevee be her first pokemon, hoping it would bring her closer to the people she wanted to be her teachers (they initially balked at the idea of trying to find such a rare pokemon, but when their little Genni made it past the preliminary rounds, decided to make it happen as an act of support). She was one of the first ones admitted, joining the very year that the sisters had begun teaching lessons.

    The Kimono Sisters were very much revered in Ecruteak, and after they lent their aid with the return of Ho-oh and Lugia years before, this respect grew. All of Johto now knew of them. Lauded for their beautiful dancing, skill in battle, and respect for life, many thought them to be ideal role models. With much encouragement from the city’s residents, and Morty himself, they decided to share these gifts through a school that would not only encompass dance and pokemon, but also emphasize spirituality. After all, there was more to being a kimono girl than good dancing – such dance must come from a place of tranquility and peace with oneself to truly communicate. While the future students would probably never choose to pursue their way of life, they considered such qualities essential for a fulfilling life, no matter what kind of life that might be.

    When Genevieve heard about this new, prestigious school, she was very excited. A school that would let her focus on battling while catering specifically to feminine charm and dance? It was almost too good to be true. She and her Eevee, Damien, trained together constantly, in preparation for the audition. She prepared a traditional dance, hoping it might win her more points with the kimono sisters.

    Finally, the day of the secondary rounds arrived – and with it, her audition. And from Genevieve’s viewpoint, the audition went spectacularly! She and Damien didn’t win their battle, but neither did any of the other applicants, for who could hope to win against any of the Kimono Sisters? Damien battled gracefully and Genevieve had directed him through the battle well, getting in a few clever blows before admitting defeat. The dance went just as planned; she must have looked great! Her traditional outerwear flowed with the movements, she didn’t miss a single step and she moved fluidly to the sound of the chimes.

    The only real surprise came in the form of a single question that the Kimono Sisters had not told any of the applicants about beforehand: “Why do you wish to attend our school?” At this question, Genevieve put forth an answer instantly, wanting to show that she was quick on the draw. “Well, this is clearly -the- place to get an education in both pokemon and femininity. I mean, you all are so beautiful and strong! I want so badly to be like that too, and I’ll put in whatever work I need to do to make that happen!”

    While the sisters would have agreed with Genevieve’s private assessment, they also saw one very important thing missing. “The girl focuses too much on what is on the surface,” Naoko pointed out. “She and her pokemon battled well, and she clearly put a lot of thought into arranging her dance, but there is more to either of those things than she realizes. It is not as simple as putting forth x number of hours y days a week. Strength and beauty come from being at peace with oneself, so that one can have greater connections with others.” “Well, she’s young. She may not have had a situation where she could learn that. And, not to pat our own backs, sisters, but this may be the very place for her to learn those values.” Despite some reservations, the sisters voted unanimously to admit Genevieve Neomme into the Ecruteak School of Dance.

    Indeed, Genevieve excelled at most of her lessons. She loved learning new strategies to use in battle, and unhesitatingly put in extra hours at the dance studio to perfect her technique. Over time, she learned to produce stunning combinations of costumes and graceful poise in formal ceremonies. Yet in some areas, she struggled. She saw meditation as pointless, a waste of time that could be spent further refining technique. In formal ceremony, she often failed to see past the ceremony itself to any deeper meaning. Such things were not usually reflected by grades, but the Kimono Sisters were very aware of it. For all of her skill, Genevieve was still an incomplete package. And they were unable to help her progress in the very areas she was lacking in.

    It was under these circumstances that the Kimono Sisters came up with an idea. Genevieve clearly needed a different environment to learn about such things, since the one she currently was in was doing her no favors. What she needed was a change of pace.

    Miki asked Genevieve to meet her that evening by a small pond near the bell tower. Upon arriving, Genevieve noticed that Miki was already sitting by the pond, watching her Vaporeon play in the water.

    “Your Vaporeon is beautiful,” Genevieve remarked as she admired its fluid movements. “It’s amazing how it can just disappear into the water. Without a trace.”

    “Indeed. Vaporeon has this unique ability where it seems to almost become one with the water.” Miki paused, and then continued. “I find it fitting, actually. A literal metaphor for becoming one with the world around you. Which brings me to why I asked you to come here. My sisters and I are proud of you for your progress – you are in the top 5 of the class, you display a dedication and willingness to put in effort to achieve your goals. But there is something that we feel we are… incapable of teaching you. And it is unfortunate, because we feel it is possibly the most important thing that we want our students to gain from their time with us.”

    “I-I don’t understand. What could that be?”

    “We’ve noticed that you focus entirely on concrete goals. Get better at battling. Make this dance more beautiful. But you have yet to realize that you also need a personal goal to yourself, to really fulfill your potential. Life’s not just about accomplishments. You must be not only strong in mind and body, but also in soul. That is what keeps you from becoming truly great. Your dance, while technically precise and visually appealing, lacks depth. Your battling, while strategic and well thought out, lacks the sheer will that those special trainers used to propel themselves to greater heights. In fact, we have noticed that in your four years here, you have yet to make any deep friendships with the other girls. You cannot make true connections with others if you are not at peace with yourself. And my sisters and I have concluded – if you stay here, we don’t think any of this will change.”

    “You’re kicking me out?!”

    “No, you misunderstand. We have thought long and hard about your situation, and we would like to make you a proposition. You may have heard of the Londo region, which was recently discovered. It is said that the people there have remarkably strong ties to nature, and they have a spirituality that is normally only rarely come across. We would be willing to provide funds for you to travel to Bastille Town in Londo, to stay for maybe a year or so, for the purposes of learning how the people there live and for self-discovery. We believe it would be a valuable experience for you, and while you may miss out on time with us here learning dance, this is much more important.

    "To give you a little more information, I should tell you that Bastille Town is a farming town, and its people pride themselves on games of chance.”

    At this, Genevieve frowned slightly. “I get what farming has to do with nature, but what does luck have to do with what you think I have problems with?”

    Miki’s lips curled upwards. “More than you think. Intuition comes from a sense of assuredness. Assuredness comes from truly knowing yourself. And it’s not just nature – it’s about being at peace with yourself so that you can build stronger connections to those around you. To the world. Just like my dear Vaporeon. So, what do you think?”

    Genevieve wasn’t in the least convinced that it was a good idea, but did agree to accept the funding – she would go to this Bastille Town and prove that the Kimono Sisters were wrong. She would acquire whatever qualities it was that they felt she lacked, earn their respect, and return well before a year passed so she could go back to learning things that really mattered.

    It was a reaction that told Miki that Genevieve had completely missed the point – but, Genevieve did actually did agree to go. That would have to be enough. Hopefully, once Genevieve was there, she would discover what she didn’t even know she was missing….

    Spoiler: tl;dr Backstory
    Genevieve Neomme hails from the Johto region, where she studied dance and battling from the Kimono Sisters in Ecruteak City. But while Genevieve excelled at her lessons, the sisters felt that she focused too much on concrete things. Skill in battling. Skill in dancing. And they wanted to provide a more fulfilling education. One of their main goals in starting the school was to empower young women by making them truly more comfortable in their own skin. Not necessarily feeling the need to impress others, but being able to completely be at peace with oneself, so that others would naturally come to admire them, needing no further prompt. Yet, after four years, they were sorrily forced to conclude that this was not the place for Genevieve to learn those things.

    With that, they provided her with funding to travel to the Lando region, an area known for its connections to nature. They hoped that, by seeing how others lived in tandem with nature and how the two were interconnected, Genevieve would want to dig deeper and be able to discover her own value beyond mere accomplishments.

    Thus, Genevieve travels to Bastille Town, with her trusty Eevee (Damien), not looking forward to the next year but determined to earn her way back to the Kimono Sisters' side.

    Spoiler: Personality
    As one can tell from her backstory, Genevieve is a very driven individual. Her parents unconsciously reinforced this, having started from humble beginnings and working their way up from the bottom to get to where they are now. She's the kind of person who can quickly decide what she wants, and waste no time working hard to get it. But, as the Kimono Sisters pointed out, she views these goals as nothing more than a checklist of things to tuck under her belt and qualify her for "the next step." This is a characteristic that probably came from living with the hustle and bustle of city life, where you need to be more focused on your next task instead of getting too fixated on any one thing. While the city life is not for everyone, and can wear you down if you're not suited to the busyness, she thrived off of it. She doesn't focus on any feelings deeper than the sense of accomplishment she gets from checking off something. The greatest indicator of this is her relationship with her Eevee, Damien. The two of them treat each other well and respect each other on some basic level, but they don't really spend time together outside of battling, meals, and grooming.

    Genevieve grew up on Route 4, sandwiched between Castelia and Nimbasa, spent vacations by the beach in Undella, and attended a prestigious dance school for the past four years. She appreciates the finer things in life. Thus, staying for a year in a farming town was not in her plans. She might come off as somewhat prickly to other PCs at first, due to dislike of her surroundings, situation, and her lack of substance in general. It's nothing personal. That said, she's been in Lando for about two weeks now, and had to make nice with her host, Moffit. So, she has at least some experience working with someone. Someone who seems to also be nothing like her.

    The Kimono Sisters were pretty hard on her when they described her imperfections, but it's not all bad - she still has a lot to bring to the table. She's a skilled dancer and trainer in her own right. She has, if not true love, at least a good understanding of and appreciation for Pokémon due to her years of education. Once she gets over her situation, they'll find her to be a positive person and maybe even a real driving force for the group. She has the potential to lift others up by motivating them to work towards their dreams, and to let no one stand in their way.

    Genevieve will hold preference for pokemon that are both strong and aesthetically pleasing, due to both of those being qualities that she associates with what she wants to be. This isn't to say she won't accept one that isn't both of those things, but she'll be less inclined to go out of her way to catch it.
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