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    Initial copy of backstory and character sheet here. Might need some cleaning up though. Still haven't shopped either for Lina.

    Spoiler: Appearance
    Despite Lina’s short stature, she can pretty easily be picked out from a crowd; just look for the straw hat she is always wearing. Her other clothes vary; she seems to love dresses, but out of practicality’s sake, she might be seen wearing overalls and tough clothing instead. With vivid, long, and straight blonde hair, light skin, and sky blue eyes, her appearance does make her seem well-suited to outside, almost like she blends in with the sunlight. This is not particularly helped by a bit of a country drawl, something that she tries to keep to a minimum in public. If you look closely as well, she does seem to have more signs of outside work, like bits of dirt or calluses on her fingers from field work. Still, she does seem to keep up at least somewhat of a charming appearance, especially with her constant laughter.

    Spoiler: Personality
    Endlessly adventurous, impatient, and just a little bit naïve, Lina is the type that usually gets in trouble without thinking much about an escape plan. She especially seems eager to learn and meet new people, an objective that is more easily met by her outgoing nature. If she was not inclined to constantly make mischief for the sake of exploration, she would be friends with everyone, but, alas, she seems to be a little too unaware of where the line is. Still, her liveliness is probably her best trait, despite all the downsides it brings.

    No matter how much conversation Lina likes to strike up, however, she always seems to consider herself a bit “boring”. Aware that she is not exactly the brightest tool in the shed nor the most experienced as just a farm girl, she does defer to the judgments of others a little easily and always seems to hide her true intentions behind the excuse of being kind and accepting. As the oldest sibling of five in a motherless home, that sort of required self-sacrifice for the sake of others has always been just expected of her. This causes problems when she must assert herself and it makes her less reliable when it comes to conflict. It also means she tends to let others have their way often, a sure problem when half the point of training is to assert your own place in the world.

    Because Lina enjoys hearing so much about places she has never heard of, she especially seems to have an affinity for Knights and those from Devon Corp, even though the two are not particularly trusting of each other. She is often seen in her spare time endlessly pestering said Knights and employees from Devon Corp about the latest adventures or inventions, perhaps even grabbing one or two to play around with herself (not that that ever ends well!). Thus, although she has been forbidden from becoming a Knight, she secretly thirsts for a time when she can have a grand time herself, to one day be recognized for doing something great. Where that puts her is hard to say; Lina still does really know the places she can go outside of her little farming town. But, she certainly does not want to stay put on her family’s estate for the rest of her life.

    Spoiler: Backstory
    Lina was never told why her father, Kendrick, was so against her joining the Knights until she was eleven. In the conflicts years ago, farmers were often targeted by saboteurs, which made Bastille Town at the center of battles. In one such fateful day, Lina’s mother went out to check the granary of the Seine family farm, when raider Knights snuck into town and set the fields alight. Unable to escape in the chaos of battle that followed, Lina’s mother perished in the blaze. At the time, Lina was too young to remember much of what happened or her mother at all, so her father had always maintained that her mother had simply disappeared.

    It was not until Lina had visited her Aunt Adelaide, a famous Knight stationed in Sorland, that Lina was finally told the truth. It was after the young Lina had a great tantrum, having been frustrated by her father’s repeated denials towards her desire to be a knight. While Bastille Town was not an unexciting place to live, exactly, Lina was not content living out her days farming with her father and her five siblings, and she had thought that asking her aunt, who was practically her idol, would allow her a chance to escape that monotonous life. She spent weeks preparing an impassioned plea to her aunt, only to be shot down by her, like Lina had always been with her father. But, at least this time, Aunt Adelaide had the wisdom to know that Lina would keep trying if she was not told the truth and, so, Lina learned the whole story about her mother.

    That was enough for Lina to reconsider becoming a Knight; how could she argue with that guilty feeling in her chest? Yet, it was a shame for Lina’s passion to go to waste, so Aunt Adelaide gave her two gifts. The first was a newborn Starly named Zephyr from the flock that Aunt Adelaide had been raising and the second was a book on Pokemon tactics that she obtained from the imports that the Devon Corp facilitated in Sorland. “We may disagree with you becoming a Knight now, but fate might say that you’re ready someday anyway, no matter what I and your father say.” Or so Aunt Adelaide told Lina, not that Lina understood at the time.

    Lina took to her new Starly partner quite quickly, spending much of her free time playing with him. She had always been an adventurous sort, having grown up being a troublemaker, and that seemed to accompany the personality of her bonded Pokemon well. It was a common sight to see them pranking the local people with various tricks and having harmless fun at other people’s expense. With how Bastille was, being such a town full of gambling and strange circumstances, it seemed awfully appropriate that Lina spent her time being so much like the town she resigned herself to staying in.

    On that point, however, Lina rarely opened the second gift that her Aunt gave her. She had resigned herself to the fact that not only was her father never going to let her leave, but that it was in her father’s best interest to obey. She could not afford to make him worry after hearing what had happened to her mother, plus, as she was growing older, she was taking more and more responsibilities. Her gigantic immediate family needed her as a caretaker, due to the lack of a mother figure in the house, and the farm needed as many hands as they could muster. So, while the book on Pokemon tactics interested her, perhaps even fascinated her, she had no use for it; it was nothing more than something like a novel for her to play with.

    It was when Lina was fifteen that the wheels of fate began to turn for her again. With such a luck-based town such as Bastille, it was no surprise that the harvest festivals often included games of chance. In one such event, many trainers from all over were gathered to participate in Chaos Battling, a team battling event where random circumstances would affect the people that were battling. Things like Pokemon being switched, random weather events, or basic item supplies being suddenly introduced were par for the course. At the time, Lina was volunteering to help with one such random draw; “Neophyte Switch”, one of the worst draws, where one of the teammates on the drawer’s teams would be switched with a completely unexperienced person to battling; in this case, the new trainers were supposed to be Lina and her friend, Kilika.

    As luck would have it, one unlucky soul managed to draw both Neophyte Switches, which meant he had to battle with both Lina and Kilika as his teammates. This trainer, a young trainer from Kalos named Pierre who was working for Devon Corp, nevertheless took it in stride. The day before the actual battling was to begin, the three got to talking and Pierre seemed to become fast friends with the two girls. The two exchanged stories all day, even as he helped them prepared them to deal with their obviously insufficient battling skills.

    “Y’know, anyone tell you that you’re kinda cool?” Lina told him, at one point. It was just after Pierre had finished telling her a story about how he had fought off a team of criminals from stealing a mass of Pokeballs from a Poke Center. “You’re around my age, but you’ve travelled everywhere. Now you’re even half way across the world and competin’ in some place that wasn’t even known by your world just a decade ago.”

    “Really? I don’t think it’s that unusual though for people like us.”

    That response took Lina off guard. “Your parents don’t argue and worry about you bein’ all the way out here?”

    “Well, it’s not like they don’t worry. My mom and dad call me all the time. But, I think they understand that this is where I belong. If I just stayed home, I think they’d feel worse that I was sacrificing my life to make sure they aren’t worried.”

    The next day, those words weighed heavily on Lina’s mind as she, Kilika, and Pierre got ready to have their rounds in Chaos Draft. Surprisingly, they did reasonably despite Lina and Kilika being unprepared, and the three ended up having a good time. But, even so, it was soon time for Pierre to leave on to the next leg of his journey. Still, before he left, he said over his shoulder, “The only sure way we’re going to see each other again is at the League.” Kilika dismissed the words as a cool guy trying to be cool, but Lina knew it was a challenge, something that continued to weigh on her mind in the following months to come.

    A few months after, Lina came to a decision; she and her companion Zephyr, were going to follow and challenge Londo. Or so, she thought, but it was then that a few new trainers came to Bastille Town with some business…

    Spoiler: Character Sheet
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