Phaella checked her data slate to see if the summons to this meeting included a list of participants. Finding none, she decided not to wait around. In principle, common decorum allowed her to wait for others to come to her - her station all but demanded it, but on the other hand these other two were unknown factors.

The two who'd just come in, however, carrying their own bags and looking like they'd been rushed here straight from their flight, were almost certainly commoners. Regardless, she approached these two first, thus letting the other two know her name and station well in advance.

Good afternoon, gentlefolk, I take it you've also been summoned by the Lady Valle? I'm Lady Phaella d'Windermere, from Malfi - pleased to make your acquaintance. She extended her hand, looking - perhaps unsuccesfully - to strike a cordial tone with the lower classes. Don't worry about the titles, Lady Phaella will do.

Phaella is a striking figure, supremely confident despite her youth, expensively groomed, dressed in the slightly pompous manner of the Malfian nobility - a lock of pink hair deliberately, jauntily protruding under her white powdered wig. There is an overt absense of weaponry about her person, sending a signal of both trust in her host and a lack of threat to the other guests.