The next person into the room was Joss Falkenrath. The feudal worlder was tall, dressed in a mesh combat cloak. The hilt of a longsword protruded from a gap in the fabric. Strapped across his back was an honest to goodness longbow and a quiver full of arrows. Tucked into his boot was a heavily engraved knife, a lage purity seal stuck to the hilt. Held in one hand was an impressive looking halberd, a blackwing halberd, obsidian like blades forming impossibly sharp feathers. Shaggy black hair fell down past his ears, framing a face with large cat-like eyes. A scarf, heavily embroiadered with a hunting scene, including a stag and songbirds, wrapped around his lower face, obscuring his expression.

The assassin looked Lady Phaella up and down, measuring her, calculating. Behind the scarf he frowned, but it showed in those exotic eyes. Another noble. Wonderful. And she was unarmed? or only apparently unarmed? She could be dangerous indeed, either way.

He took the extended hand and shook it, roughly. "Hello." He rasps.