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    Default Re: [PTU] The Heights of Londo (Re-recruitment)

    Still in progress, but here's a character sheet for Hilde, knight-apprentice of Thundercrag. I'll be adding background and such to this post as I go for ease of reference, but it should all be on the sheet as well.

    Spoiler: Appearance
    Hilde is on the tall side of average for a girl, but has a habit of holding herself so as to look smaller; this is equal parts copying posture from her father (a lifelong miner) and adolescent self-consciousness about her body. Has dark hair, cut just a little below her ears to keep it from getting in the way. Stocky build, roundish face. Not very expressive.

    Spoiler: Personality
    Soft-spoken to a fault, Hilde was brought up to be polite and to always respect her elders. These traits do an excellent job of obscuring her innate stubbornness. She rarely contradicts or questions anyone she sees as superior to her in status (given her age and the fact that she's still an apprentice, this is most people), but that doesn't mean she agrees with them, or even respects them; she simply nods, agrees in as few words as she can manage, and proceeds to act exactly as she feels she ought. Only with authority figures she trusts is she willing to open up, question instructions or even argue. Among her peers she's less reticent, but still reserved, and often has trouble relating to energetic or frivolous people.

    Spoiler: Background
    Hilde was born and raised in Thundercrag, in the remote reaches of the Rifted Mountains to the far northeast. She’s just old enough to remember the days before strangers came to Londo’s shores, before Devon and Silph set up shop and began to shower them with wonders they would not have made for themselves for hundreds of years. Not that many of those foreigners and their devices ended up in Thundercrag, those first few years: too remote, separated from the southern ports not only by distance but by forbidding mountain passes and unpredictable storms. Thundercrag was part of an older world, where travel was still difficult and dangerous, and savage Pokemon roamed freely outside the town walls.

    Hilde herself was a poor miner’s daughter with few prospects. Her mother passed a few years after she was born, leaving her father and one older brother to raise her on a tight budget. Her brother would follow their father into the mines; they all expected that she would as well, and it was something to be celebrated when by happenstance she managed to impress the town’s blacksmith enough to be taken on as her apprentice. As a miner, she could get by and help provide for a (small) family, but that was all; as a smith she had a chance to make a name for herself and make her family prosper.

    She took to her apprenticeship well. Almost too well. Oh, she was hardworking and focused, but moreover she had an uncanny sense for working steel. She could intuit tiny impurities in the metal well before any sign of them became visible to her master, she had a sense of how long to heat and when to quench that typically took years to develop, and she knew almost without being told what the properties of each metal would be when worked. The forge called to her, anvil and hammer feeling alive in her hands. She never realized there was anything odd about that; didn’t most people feel something like that about their calling? Meaning, rightness, a sense of oneness with the world? But Master Alva noticed; and after an incident in which Hilde got too caught up in the work and burned herself rather badly, she sat the girl down for a talk. That talk eventually saw her apprenticeship transferred to Ser Dietrich, one of Thundercrag’s senior knights. He had no such uncanny talents himself, but he was one of the Lady’s most skilled men-at-arms, once responsible for training soldiers to defend the town.

    As time passed, Devon and Silph eventually made their way to Hilde’s hometown. Remote though it was, Thundercrag was the biggest mining town in the region, once responsible for exporting the best steel in Londo (and a fair bit of good stone to boot). Too, the storms which had once been nothing but a danger would be valuable to Londo’s burgeoning industrial revolution. Sturdy trucks bearing merchandise and machinery made their way through the mountains. Teams were hired to begin excavating a railway tunnel.

    Hilde is unsure how she feels about the changes. On the one hand, it’s good that her people have access to better tools, better medicine, and more opportunities. The world is opening up. But she can’t help but feel that something about the old life is being lost, and she worries at times that the knighthood she aspires to might become obsolete before she even attains it.

    Spoiler: Associated NPCs
    Ser Dietrich, Knight of Thundercrag. An aging soldier with a storied history of fighting for Thundercrag, against human attackers and wild Pokemon alike. These days, he’s mostly valued for teaching junior Knights and Lady Thundercrag’s militia. Forceful and blunt, but insightful. Rides a Zebstrika. Hilde respects him a great deal, and definitely does not have a slight crush on him.

    Luther, Hilde’s father. A once-strong man whose health is starting to fail. Big, rough sense of humor, practical, inclined to treat his children as adults (how d’you expect them to grow up if you baby them?). Close to both children.

    Conrad, Hilde’s older brother. Followed his father into the mines, and figures he’ll probably spend the rest of his life there. Not ambitious, doesn’t like the idea of leaving home, but proud of his sister for doing it.

    Dagny Steinhold, a Sage living near Thundercrag who has consented to occasionally give Hilde lessons on channeling the power of the elements - though Dagny’s own element is lightning, which works on rather different principles. An academic, mercurial and short-tempered, considered eccentric by most of her neighbors. Not actually much older than Hilde, and seems to like her, for reasons that Hilde doesn’t quite understand.

    Alva, master smith. Hild’s former master, and still a mentor in the art of smithing. A generous older woman with a sharp eye for detail.

    Loraine, a local widow with one surviving daughter. She and Luther are old friends, and lately a bit more; they’re considering marriage. Hilde doesn’t know her or her daughter very well, although she is vaguely aware of her father's intentions.

    Vanda, Loraine’s daughter, a few years younger than Hilde. Very interested in the exotic Pokemon and people from other regions, dreams of traveling.

    Spoiler: Other Notes
    Hilde has used the Smith edge to forge her own equipment (sword, shield, armor) at the reduced prices given in Game of Throhs.

    Hilde's Rhyhorn companion was caught with Ser Dietrich's assistance shortly after she began training under him. He is named after a historical (possibly mythical) leader from before the founding of Thundercrag.

    Hilde is a Rider, and as such Pokemon that she can (eventually) ride are generally preferred over those she can't. Except for Honedge, which is just too fitting for a sword-wielding knight.

    Sheet should be ready for review.
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