Eladrin, Bralani

Bralani are the dark offspring of an air elemental and an angel never used in any game a pain to give a LA the weakest of the core Eladrin.

Let's take a look at the chassis. Six outsider RHD, medium size, the [Chaotic] and [Good] subtypes, a good land speed, a great fly speed (though not in humanoid form), some natural armor, pretty good physical stats... Not bad at all.

Bralani get a fair number of SLA's, though their usefulness will vary. They can also turn into a whirlwind, which is pretty much only useful for flying (Whirlwind Blast is bad even for blasting). They also have permanent Tongues, DR that's reasonably hard to overcome, SR, and some odd immunities and resistances.

I'm comfortable with giving those +2 LA, as is expectable of outsiders. All criticism or agreement should of course be shared.