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    I'm getting Planetar flashbacks from this. Who at WotC decided to create not one, but multiple under CR'ed cleric-casting celestials?

    Anyway: Ghaeles have 10 RHD. Main problem: they also have 14th-level cleric casting. On top of that, the eladrin also get bonuses to all stats (ranging from 25 strength to 12 dexterity), a sizable natural armor bonus, a high land speed, a ton of SLA's, DR, energy resistances/immunities, darkvision, SR, Protective Aura and Tongues.

    Furthermore, they also have a gaze that either causes instant death or Fear (though the fact that allies will probably be more vulnerable to it than foes makes it not that great).

    Ghaeles, like Bralani, have an alternate form: theirs is a globe of light. It's mostly underwhelming: losing spellcasting for flight, incorporeality and a couple of natural attacks isn't worth it most of the time. Of course, incorporeality can solo monsters even at higher levels, so I wouldn't write it off entirely.

    The SLA's I won't individually review, but they're generally useful.

    So what LA to give here? +4 seems like a minimum, but even then I'm having trouble seeing people pick cleric over this. Full casters being stronger than other classes, I think a LA of +6 fits best here.

    Now to steel myself for the flood of disagreement...
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