Mouse will take a seat, arranging it into the middle as she frowns and thinks over her experiences. Unlike the others, she was obviously considering her answer a little more deeply. After she sits down, she sets the device she'd picked up next to her and her pack and puts her hands in her lap to look at the one who asked the question. "The Inquisitor was...keen. Very much so. I believe from the moment he'd stepped into Landunder he knew precisely what was going on, where, and how. He'd had several agents already in place, including in the Arbites to grant him access to their evidence records without their knowledge, and a well known magistrate in his pocket to impress upon the locals the importance of legalities. He used the Magistrate to such an extent with us and was thus able to either discover or confirm that we were indeed working within the employ of the Inquisition." Mouse admits with a frown as she pulls out one of her dataslates and leans over to offer it to her Mistress.

"My full report of the events is on there, Inquisitor Valle, and while it has some suppositions in it, I firmly believe that it is likely that Inquisitor Remus Arcturos knew full well of our arrival and was able to not only be the one to initiate contact on his own terms, but to manipulate and guide us to work for his agenda instead of our own. Indeed, it wasn't until after the incursion of a warp entity, its destruction, and the immolation of everything I could find that was used in a ritual for it that we even realized that he might be the suspect we were looking for."
After that she pauses for a moment, looking unsure and uncomfortable, but continuing.

"He was perfectly polite and cordial, even open to an extent that someone in your line of work might be, but truthfully all I can think of is that he seemed far too comfortable. Being around him is like being around a bright light you can't help but stare at. It is right in front of you, but blinding. For all the time we were around him, I was incapable of fathoming many, if any of the mechinations he was a part of."

Once more, she pauses. "My apologies, I know you said concise, but a proper impression cannot be smelted down into just a single phrase."