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Okay great! The warmup is done!

Today's session was recalibration, future planning, and cramming all the useless garbage I had written so far into a shape resembling an actual story. I used the hero's journey framework because why not it works I guess. I'm actually pretty chuffed at this, this is a plan now, a plan with steps.

I think I decided to do this when I got some very clear writing instructions at work and consequentially found the writing almost trivially easy. After then taking the time to give myself some unambiguous orders seems like the correct move. I am chuffed! Chuffed and ready!
I'm sort of flat-lining right now. I've got the first five-ish chapters. It's a mess, but it's a mess I feel confident I could distill and refine into a fine brew at this point. Which is great and should mean I can finally blaze ahead with the rest of the story. Except there's just a vast and open desert ahead, and no road to follow. What road is there are just fragments scattered all over the desert. I finally know how my story begins, and I have some notion of what the end looks like if not the exact ending, but there's a vast emptiness in between.