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And then, you could have the copper dragon asking them to help with a real problem (perhaps some kobolds got into an area of his lair and he has more important things to do, so he asks the PCs to clear it for him or something) instead of using them for his personal amusement.
The traps aren't at all lethal. It's like a contest the dragon set up that guests of the hotel who have the balls to try can go for. When they complete the challenges he greets them as champions kind of thing. Doesn't start laughing until he finds out they're working for the green dragon (who has always been a joke to him). But yes, I can see how the whole situation could be frustrating. I feel like my players would be ok with it but I'll have to think it over some more. It's a few sessions away in any case.

The green dragon showing up after the dungeon is explored is a good idea. The idea of a green dragon's revenge hanging over the party is nice too: it might even take him awhile to find them. Let them go on other adventures and then (maybe when they're actually strong enough to take on a dragon) BAM "Hey remember that powerful creature you all screwed over awhile back?"