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You just invited me so you could make a tinfoil Hat of Mindblank, didn't you?

Helm of Warranted Paranoia
[Major Cursed Wondrous Item] (BilltheCynic)
This helm resembles a homemade hat of tin foil, but is far more sturdy and structured.

Wearing this helm gives you a -10 competence bonus on Bluff checks and amplifies the effects of Read Thoughts cast on the wearer, increasing the will save by 6. In addition, if the wearer should ever come within a mile of an illithid conclave's brain, the wearer's location and intelligence score is immediately conveyed to any illithid within that conclave.

Special: The price, appearance, and spells used to create the Helm of Warranted Paranoia are all identical to that of the Helm of Paranoia, so it is never entirely clear what you are getting when you find one. Whenever you get a Helm of Paranoia as loot or purchase one from a merchant, there is a 10% chance you will instead receive a Helm of Warranted Paranoia.

Strong Abjuration; CL 15; Craft Wondrous Item; Mind Blank, Moment of Prescience; Price 145,000 gp.

You can only blame yourself, Bill.