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    Elemental, Fire

    I considered writing a long post on the logical (im)possibilities of living fire that doesn't need fuel or oxygen here, then I remembered magic.

    Small Fire Elemental

    These guys are pretty cool (ironic, I know). The net loss to stats hurts, but two free feats are always welcome and their slams have a nice rider effect. 50 feet is as good as it gets for small creatures, and the fire subtype will probably be a boon overall.

    However, is all this worth 2 subpar RHD? A fairly typical melee character is still outdamaging them, and fire elementals lack much utility beyond setting stuff on fire. +0 LA is fine.

    Medium Fire Elemental

    More fire damage! Also stat boosts. I'd say +0 still works here (with -0 looming ever closer).

    Large Fire Elemental

    Aaaaand RHD takes over. Back to the realm of -0 LA with ye!

    Huge Fire Elemental

    Elemental Purgatory aaaaaaaaaaw yeah! -0 LA.

    Greater Fire Elemental

    Homework for today, sketch the graph A = 2m where 'A' is my annoyance (measured in kilogroans) and 'm' is number of boring -0 LA monsters.

    Elder Fire Elemental

    Amusing observation: fire and air elementals are amongst the few creatures that get more dextrous when increasing in size. Not that it'll save them from -0 LA.
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