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    Default The Chivalrous Knight (New Martial Archetype for Fighters) PEACH

    Ivogel's work on a Knight class got me thinking about the old 3.5 Knight and the code of conduct rules they used to follow and it got me thinking that could make for an interesting martial archetype for a Fighter that relies on honour and good conduct in combat about dirty tricks. I thought I'd see what people think:


    Chivalrous Knight
    New martial archetype for the Fighter.
    Chivalrous Knights are proud and skilled melee combatants who fight in the name of honour and chivalry. A Chivalrous Knight relies on a sharp sword and shining suit of armour to defeat her foes. She seeks to control the combat through challenges, duels and unparalleled conviction to her own ideals.

    You are a creature of honour and decorum. Outside of combat this means you are principled and follow a code of honour. During a fight, it can mean many things also but it definitely means that you will not cheat or subvert the rule of skill and practice over luck, misfortune and magic.
    At 3rd level, when you join this martial archetype, you refuse to take advantage of your opponents. When attacked, you can negate any disadvantage on your opponent’s roll. And when you attack, you can negate any advantage on your roll. This is not an action for you. You consider this fair and proper and will do so whenever you are in fair combat with a humanoid or civilised opponent. You do not offer this privilege to monsters and barbarous opponents.
    You do not need to do this, however. If you do not, you lose faith in your own honour and cannot gain the benefits of the following features:
    • Second Wind
    • Action Surge
    • Indomitable
    • Righteous Contempt
    • Call to Arms
    • Honourable Challenge
    • Beyond Death
    You can regain access to these features when you have finished a long rest by fighting one complete encounter without access to their benefits while offering Honour in Battle to all your opponents.
    There is one exception to Honour in Battle. You can use advantage on an attack roll against an opponent if that advantage was provided by Inspiration. That is not a trick. Its brilliance.

    At 3rd level, when you join this archetype, you receive proficiency in one artisan’s tool of your choice and the history skill.

    At 3rd level, when an opponent makes an attack against you with advantage, you can use a reaction to regain the ability to use your Second Wind feature without the need to complete a rest. Once you have used righteous contempt twice you cannot use it again until you have finished a long rest.
    At 7th level, you can use righteous contempt to regain a use of the Action Surge feature.
    At 10th level, you can use righteous contempt to regain a use of the Indomitable feature in addition to a use of your Second Wind, Action Surge or Honourable Challenge feature and you can use Righteous Contempt three times before a long rest.
    At 15th level, when you use Righteous Contempt in response to the actions of an individual within 5 ft. of you, you can make a melee attack against that individual with a bonus action at any time before the end of your next turn.
    At 18th level, you can use your Righteous Contempt to regain a use of the Indomitable feature and use of the Beyond Honour feature and you regain your uses of Righteous Contempt when you finish a short or long rest.

    You are a leader of men and when those men follow your example great things can happen. At 7th level, you can use a bonus action to designate one ally as a brother-in-arms. That individual gain access to a limited version of Honour in Battle. He can negate advantage on attacks he makes and disadvantage on attacks made against you and so long as he does so against all appropriate enemies you can offering him the following benefits:
    • If the brother-in-arms make fails a saving throw while he is within 60 ft. of you and you can see him you can offer him the benefits of your Indomitable power.
    • If someone attacks your brother-in-arms with advantage on their roll while he is within 60 ft. of you then you can use your Righteous Confidence as if the attack had been directed against you as a reaction.
    • You can, as a bonus, allow the brother to use his bonus action, to regain hit points equal to 1d10 + your fighter level. This counts as you using your Second Wind class feature.
    If your brother breaks honour in battle they must recover their honour by finishing a long rest and by fighting a complete encounter without access to your aid while offering Honour in Battle to their opponents.

    At 10th level, you can call out your opponents. You can use the 1st level compelled duel spell as a bonus action. In addition to its other benefits, anyone else present that starts their turn within 5 ft. of you or your opponent must make a wisdom saving throw or move at least five ft. away from you as part of their move (if they are able). Once you have used this spell you cannot use the benefit again until you have finished a long rest.

    At 18th level, when you suffer damage that would reduce you to zero hit points, you can use your reaction to expend one of your hit dice. You roll the hit dice, add your constitution modifier, and you are on that number of hit points instead. Once used you cannot use this feature again until you have finished a long rest.
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