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Me too, especially since $1 is almost 1 these days, although I have never really wanted a calendar so my threshold is much lower than that and I have never ordered one. Always wanted to see the artwork and character parts though, and would happily pay for a PDF that collects all the calendar strips & art (minus the useless day tracking bits, I have an absent minded nerd cred to uphold you know - being aware of what day it is would ruin that ) Books on the other hand must have physical copy! non-negotiable.

So, Giant, now you've dipped your toe in the sale of PDFs, any chance you would consider doing this for those who don't want calendars or pay shipping but would like to see the art you spend a couple of weeks on because we love OOTS?
+1 for the PDF version. I'd pay the normal retail price for a PDF version of the calendar and get it printed locally in the UK.