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    How ironic: my last post as an ettin is about them.

    Ettins are two-headed, brutish giants that apparently love bears (check out the organization line). They have 10 RHD (woo-hoo!) that are probably about as good as a cleric's. So what do they get instead of spells?

    Firstly, there's the two-headedness. It's fairly irremarkable, except as a defense against the few effects that behead or debrain creatures.

    Then there's the ability scores. High strength, high constitution, low intelligence and dexterity: an old pattern. There is, of course, the issue of these stats being available at lower costs.

    Most useful (I'm using the term relatively here) is Superior Two-Weapon Fighting. Now, RAW it would only eliminate the penalties from using two weapons, but the stat block interestingly seems to imply an ettin can make two attacks with both weapons. For the sake of consistency and common sense, I'll chalk it up to a statblock error and go by the first interpretation.

    Are ettins worth their HD? I doubt it, honestly. The three lost BAB already make up for a large part of their strength bonus (power attack, remember?), and two-weapon fighting is still bad strategy for several reasons. -0 LA is the only fair judgement here.

    Next are fiendish creatures! I'm so excited because I totally haven't already rated an incredibly similar template!
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