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    Ashley Grace Winston (who much prefers her second name)

    Height: 5'4"
    Hair: blonde, long and curly
    Skin: naturally pale; currently deep tanned, though
    Build: slim
    Position: Left forward
    Classes: PE, English, Drama and Theater, Design and Technology, Phylosophy, Japanese

    Bio: Ashley Grace grew up in the countryside, in her family manor, tended by maids, an only child; her closest - some might say only - friend was Megan Eckhart, a daughter of the neighbouring prominent family, and the two spent many a days and nights over tea parties and sleepovers. But when Megan transferred into KHGS, Ashley Grace started gradually noticing something worrying... Megan spoke about the school's famous football team - or, particularly, it's players - with enthusiasm that made Ashley worry about growing distant with her friend. That must not be allowed, and the somewhat pampered girl unexpectedly proved a will of iron by subjecting herself to a relentless training routine to, eventually, got into KHSG herself, and aim for a spot on the team.

    Strong Skill
    Weak Conflict


    Classy Lady: You’re well educated and practiced in high culture. +2 on Skill rolls involving classy activities such as ballroom dancing, high fashion, proper etiquette, et cetera.

    Graceful: You’re far too dignified to suffer embarrassing slip-ups and random mistakes. Twice per episode, you may substitute a value of 4 for any d6 roll. 2/2 left

    Renaissance Lady: Why solve things like a commoner when you have so many elegant options at your disposal? +1 on Skill rolls if you had the option of using another roll type instead.

    Childhood Friend (to Megan Eckhart)

    Nostalgic Memories: You and the protagonist still have warm memories of growing up together, just the two of you. +2 on unopposed rolls that none of the other girls are attempting.

    Old Friends: You have less romantic distance to cover since you already know the protagonist well. You begin every episode with a small sum of extra VP determined by the GM.


    Second Wind: No matter how hard you get knocked down, you have the will to get back up and stay in the game. Twice per episode, you may apply a bonus on any roll equal in magnitude to the sum of all negative modifiers applied to your previous roll. 2/2 left

    Quirk: Shameless: Your casual attitude towards erotic situations gives you the confidence to flaunt what you've got. +2 on Allure rolls involving nudity or extremely revealing clothing.

    Will be speaking in Dark Sky Blue

    Using the option of "late transfer" for my introduction.
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