Hey guys, here are some updates:

First, the calendar is set to finish being printed on Monday, December 5th. From there, it will take 2-3 days to ship to Ookoodook's warehouse, after which they will start shipping them out to customers. In the past, they were able to blast through all the pre-orders in a two days, so there's a good chance all calendars will be in the mail by the end of the day Friday, the 9th. If these facts change, I'll let you know.

Second, the OOTS holiday ornaments are on sale now at CafePress. We have two this year, as in previous years: a "snowfall" ornament and a "battle" ornament. The snowfall one features the entire Order, because it's the last one I'll be doing in that design series. Next year, I'll either start a new design or I'll just have the battle ornament available. This year's battle ornament features Belkar ambushing a pair of hobgoblins. You can see (and buy) both of the designs here.

Also, because this is the last year for the snowfall series, I'm putting all of the retired designs from 2004 to 2015 back up on the site for the month of December. That way, anyone who missed a year or accidentally broke one can complete their whole set. This will be the last time these ornaments are offered, so if you need one or two to fill out your collection, now's the time. You can get all twelve previous ornaments here.

Normally, these ornaments would be accompanied by a slew of new t-shirt designs, but not this year. A pair of back-to-back family emergencies has kept me largely away from my work desk for the last 2 months or so (as I'm sure you've noticed). One of the many projects I need to keep spinning needed to fall by the wayside, and I chose the t-shirts. Maybe I'll do a run of designs mid-year 2017, but there won't be any right now, so no need to wait and see if they're coming.

I would also normally do a big announcement on the News page and tweet and update banners and such for the ornaments. And I will do that, but not until I manage to finish the next comic update. Consider this more of a Sneak Preview announcement, mostly because I know people who will want to get them on their tree for Christmas and every shipping day counts.