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North and East

LE Dvati Divine Minion of Set
Fighter 2/Lurk 3/Elocater 7/Psychic Assassin 5/LA 3

Spoiler: Basic Crunch
Base Ability Scores: 14 Str, 13 Dex, 14 Con, 16 Int, 13 Wis, 8 Cha
Levels: +4 Intelligence
Total: 14 Str, 13 Dex, 14 Con, 20 Int, 13 Wis, 8 Cha

Fighter ACF: Skilled City-Dweller (Handle Animal for Gather Information).

Quote Originally Posted by Ancient Mulhorandi folk tale, circa 3062 MC
They came from the dark places. One from north, one from south. Terrors, each in their own right.
He, from the north, was of firm physique and mottled brow. He carried the mace, for its blood-stained weight defined him.
She, from the east, was of dextrous hands and lithe frame. She carried the axe, for its vicious serration defined her.
Apart, they were killers. Murderers of innocent men.
But together?
A force of nature. The hands of god.
Spoiler: ECL 6: Lurk 3/Fighter 2/LA 1
North and East, as they are known, are a pair of thuggish Dvati twins native to Mulhorand. Despite their stylistic differences, they share a single mind and soul between them; a keen mind, at that. Though skilled combatants and a mildly competent manifester, their skillset is best suited for political or urban games.

The twins take whatever jobs they can get, both big and small, in an effort to amass wealth for themselves and gain the respect of their chosen deity, Set. Despite their low charisma score, their ranks in Bluff combined with the Conceal Thoughts power give them a distinctive edge in passing off their suspicious actions or outright lies to the unsuspecting common man. Likewise, a combination of Disguise ranks and the skill tricks Second Impression and Assume Quirk give them a significant advantage in dressing up as whomever they choose - often in pairs. In either case, they often work together so as to make use of their Pair Link racial ability (giving Aid Another checks a +3 bonus instead of +2). They use Gather Information to find only the best marks and gigs.

In combat, their tale is much the same. Expansion is used to compensate for their middling combat stats, and Spring Attack helps them get into flanking position without provoking attacks of opportunity (giving them both +1d6 sneak attack with their weapons, and the +3 flanking bonus from Pair Link). Their ranks in Spot, Listen, Move Silently, and Hide are all good for this level, allowing North and East to pick their battles and strike from advantageous locations. As Lurks, they also get six combat augments a day, usable as a swift action. Stunning Attack's DC is 13, which really isn't that bad for this level; otherwise, Additional Sneak Attack and Solid Strike are good standbys for damage.

They have two other powers of note; Compression and Detect Psionics. The former is useful for getting into the strangest places, and can optionally be a better combat bonus than Expansion. The latter is equivalent to detect magic in most campaigns, and should be treated with just as much respect.

With dedication, one earns the ire of their peers and subjects and masters. Respect follows, and gratification is oft delivered.
Such it was that, when those two found each other - the shadows of north and east, combined - they did great works in the name of their god.
And such it was that their god, Set, bestowed upon them his holy right to continue, unabated by sky or sea or space itself.
It happened in but a day, but that mattered naught.
For now, each snake and jackal and scorpion had been bestowed upon it a new strength, a new will.
The will to kill, relentless.
Spoiler: ECL 10: Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 2/LA 3
Everything gets bigger, we enter the Secret Ingredient, and Set smiles upon the work of the twins, rewarding them with the Divine Minion template. We'll start from the top.

Spot, Hide, and Move Silently retain most of their bite with added skill ranks, although the latter two will begin to dwindle in effectiveness thanks to the commonality of sighted creatures (scent, blindsight, etc) and a lack of further skill ranks, so we'll be dropping it soon. Instead, we start pouring ranks into Knowledge (Local) so that our new Knowledge Devotion feat can start giving us bonuses in combat against humanoid opponents, which are North and East's intended targets (all in the name of Set, you understand). As for new powers, Psionic Knock can get us into almost anywhere without the need for an Open Lock check, and Detect Hostile Intent is an excellent addition to North and East's growing perceptive talents.

Let's talk about Elocater, though, because it's intent here is to be the star of the show. Scorn Earth lets us avoid most earthly obstacles, gives us pseudo-water walking, and should even let us climb walls - not to mention the ability to levitate, should we need it. Opportunistic Strike, while not "better" than the free movement of Scorn Earth, is quite powerful in the hands of North and East. Since each Dvati twin is considered a separate creature, they should have no trouble triggering this ability and using the +2 attack and damage bonus to land a devastating Lurk Augment or two.

Which brings us to Divine Minion. It was only a matter of time until North and East would kill enough of the right people to earn Set's respect, and their reward is potent indeed: Immunity to Fear is nice, as is the Outsider type, but free-action Wildshape is a big deal. The Brown Bear and Large Giant(Monstrous?) Scorpion forms are perfect for combat, with high physical ability scores, three attacks per round, and the Improved Grab ability to pin down pesky enemies. Otherwise, the various forms offer an immense amount of versatility, and can even be used as disguises thanks to the innate +10 bonus for shapeshifting.

They took many.
Dullards, to begin with, then the foolhardy. Their kind proved easy to quell.
The strong followed, and the dextrous, for they believed their strength was greater. Yet none could best the pair, cunning as they were.
Those of sagastic minds, wisened hearts and powerful egos proved the greatest challenge, but, ultimately, to no avail.
After all;
Folk of Set, God is He, do not care for the prayers of heathens.
Spoiler: ECL 17: Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 4/Psychic Assassin 5/LA 3 (Sweet Spot)
It's a big jump in levels from ECL 10, but the wait is definitely worth it. Empowered by their faith, North and East complete the Test of Venom and enter The Fangs of Set, an assassin-cult - and, hence, we're going to take a quick detour from the SI to unlock the twins' true potential.

Psychic Assassin is an interesting prestige class, being part-Assassin and part-Psychic Rogue, but its abilities are perfect for North and East. +2d6 bonus sneak attack damage is a boon when flanking or attacking an unsuspecting foe, while a DC ~20 Death Attack can outright kill an unfortunate enemy - although, that being said, the twins do rather like toying with their food. Most importantly, however, is the acquisition of Mind Cripple, which adds 2 intelligence damage to every sneak attack they make. With the new addition of the Mental Assault augment, capable of dealing an additional 6 intelligence or wisdom damage, the twins should be more than capable of either sending enemies into a stupor or severely crippling most spellcasters, even without dealing lethal damage. Lurk Master also gives us access to the Ignore Concealment augment; handy for dealing sneak attack damage and triggering Mind Cripple. It's also noteworthy to mention that more ranks in Knowledge skills, as well as the Collector or Stories skill trick, should provide a solid combat bonus to the twins' attacks.

Extra levels of Elocater and extra manifester levels serve to either further the twins' potency or add extra dimensions to play. Dimension Step gets us about, gets us out, or gets us into places we shouldn't be; it's once a day, sure, but the ability to bring multiple creatures along for the ride is real fancy. Meanwhile, Flanker ensures that North and East will always be able to give themselves (or their allies) flanking bonuses, even when occupying the same space as an enemy. Energy Adaptation and Greater Concealing Amorpha protect us against energy damage and targeted attacks, respectively, and are excellent defensive buffs. It should also be noted that Expansion and Compression can now be reliably augmented without crippling the Lurk's tiny power point pool, further modifying the twins' size to whatever their preference - an ability useful both inside and outside of combat.

After all, why bother assassinating a guard, impersonating him, and manually opening doors when one can just wildshape into a viper and shink to Tiny size? With a high disguise bonus, the Escape Detection power and some guile, North and East should be experts at hiding in plain sight; scent can't rightly penetrate a later of perfume, and blindsense won't reveal the murderous psyche of a polymorphed twin. Once inside, a roguish triumvirate of Disable Device, Search, and Psionic Knock should prove more than adequate to deal with most physical barriers or preventative measures, opening the door for North, East, or some other assassin to seal the deal. Speaking of which: Fell Conspiracy is an interesting feat, and it secures North and East's place within Set's cult of assassins and vagabonds. Long-distance communication through Message, short-range Telepathy, bonuses to Spot and Listen, and an inability to be either flanked or caught flat-footed can help to ensure the success of almost any operation, much to the delight of Set himself.

Soon, though, the night ended. The run rose. The shadows subsided.
None know where they went, those creatures of malice and vile.
Mayhaps they left, set to terrorise some other plane of existence.
Or mayhaps they linger, hiding in the dark, waiting for those unwitting to fall prey to their jaws.
Suffice to say, little one, you had best be on your way. Head home, be safe, and sleep deeply.
For the curfew comes, and the shadows close.
Don't tempt them to return.
Spoiler: ECL 20: Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 7/Psychic Assassin 5/LA 3
These final levels serve to round out the build, and while not strictly necessary are nevertheless fair additions. Opportunistic Strike increases to +4, giving further incentive to the precise use of Mental Assault, and Capricious Step is a very nice boost for a mobile, flanking fighter-pair like North and East. Transporter is the most interesting ability, however, as it gives us both Psionic Teleport and Psionic Plane Shift at a discount. With these abilities, the twins should be more than capable of taking themselves and any other assassins of Set to any location upon any plane, all to further the goals and will of their god. Why stop at Mulhorand when you could go to Thay, to Heliopolis, or to Sigil, and wreak havoc untold?

We also get two other powers with these levels: Touchsight, and Steadfast Perception. Both are effective solutions to most forms of visual or audial trickery, as targets are wont to do. Urban Tracking gives us the mortal means to do Set's will without his constant guidance, and should prove invaluable for tracking high-value targets across the multiverse.
Spoiler: Build Table
Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Lurk 1 +0 +0 +2 +2 4 Concentration, 4 Disguise, 4 Spot, 4 Listen, 4 Hide, 4 Move Silently, 4 Bluff Hidden Talent: Expansion Lurk Augment
2nd Lurk 2 +1 +0 +3 +3 5 Concentration, 5 Disguise, 5 Spot, 5 Listen, 5 Hide, 5 Move Silently, 5 Bluff Psionic Sneak Attack +1d6
3rd Lurk 2/Fighter 1 +2 +2 +3 +3 5 Concentration, 5 Disguise, 5 Spot, 5 Listen, 5 Hide, 5 Move Silently, 5 Bluff, 3 Gather Information | Skill Trick: Assume Quirk Dodge, Mobility (Bonus Feat)
4th Lurk 3/Fighter 1 +3 +3 +3 +3 7 Concentration, 5 Disguise, 6 Spot, 5 Listen, 7 Hide, 7 Move Silently, 5 Bluff, 3 Gather Information
5th Lurk 3/Fighter 2 +4 +4 +3 +3 8 Concentration{CC}, 5 Disguise, 6 Spot, 5 Listen, 7 Hide, 7 Move Silently, 5 Bluff, 4 Gather Information | Skill Trick: Second Impression Spring Attack (Bonus Feat)
6th Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 1 +4 +4 +5 +5 8 Concentration, 5 Disguise, 6 Spot, 6 Listen, 8 Hide, 8 Move Silently, 6 Knowledge (Local), 5 Bluff, 4 Gather Information Knowledge Devotion: Religion, Sidestep Charge (Bonus Feat) Scorn Earth
7th Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 2 +5 +4 +6 +6 8 Concentration, 5 Disguise, 9 Spot, 6 Listen, 8 Hide, 8 Move Silently, 6 Knowledge (Local), 6 Knowledge (Religion), 5 Bluff, 4 Gather Information Opportunistic Strike +2
8th-9th Mulhorandi Divine Minion of Set LA +2 - - - - - - Fast Wild Shape (Brown bear, constrictor snake, crocodile, jackal (dog), Large giant scorpion, Medium viper, Medium giant scorpion), Fear Immunity, Type: Outsider
10th Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 3 +6/+1 +5 +6 +6 8 Concentration, 5 Disguise, 11 Spot, 8 Listen, 8 Hide, 8 Move Silently, 8 Knowledge (Local), 10 Knowledge (Religion), 5 Bluff, 4 Gather Information Dimension Step
11th Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 3/Psychic Assassin 1 +6/+1 +5 +8 +6 8 Concentration, 11 Disguise, 10 Spot, 5 Listen, 8 Hide, 8 Move Silently, 8 Knowledge (Local), 10 Knowledge (Religion), 5 Bluff, 4 Gather Information | Skill Trick: Collector of Stories Fell Conspiracy Sneak Attack +1d6, Death Attack, Poison Use
12th Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 3/Psychic Assassin 2 +7/+2 +5 +9 +6 8 Concentration, 13 Disguise, 10 Spot, 5 Listen, 8 Hide, 8 Move Silently, 8 Knowledge (Local), 10 Knowledge (Religion), 5 Bluff, 4 Gather Information, 3 Disable Device, 3 Search +1 Save Against Poison
13th Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 3/Psychic Assassin 3 +8/+3 +6 +9 +7 8 Concentration, 15 Disguise, 10 Spot, 5 Listen, 8 Hide, 8 Move Silently, 8 Knowledge (Local), 10 Knowledge (Religion), 5 Bluff, 4 Gather Information, 6 Disable Device, 6 Search Danger Sense (Uncanny Dodge)
14th Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 3/Psychic Assassin 4 +9/+4 +6 +10 +7 8 Concentration, 16 Disguise, 10 Spot, 5 Listen, 8 Hide, 8 Move Silently, 8 Knowledge (Local), 11 Knowledge (Religion), 5 Bluff, 4 Gather Information, 9 Disable Device, 9 Search Lurk Master Sneak Attack +2d6, +2 Save Against Poison
15th Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 3/Psychic Assassin 5 +9/+4 +6 +10 +7 8 Concentration, 17 Disguise, 10 Spot, 5 Listen, 8 Hide, 8 Move Silently, 8 Knowledge (Local), 12 Knowledge (Religion), 5 Bluff, 4 Gather Information, 12 Disable Device, 12 Search Danger Sense (Improved Uncanny Dodge), Special Ability (Mind Cripple)
16th Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 4/Psychic Assassin 5 +10/+5 +6 +11 +8 8 Concentration, 17 Disguise, 15 Spot, 10 Listen, 8 Hide, 8 Move Silently, 8 Knowledge (Local), 12 Knowledge (Religion), 5 Bluff, 4 Gather Information, 12 Disable Device, 12 Search Flanker
17th Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 5/Psychic Assassin 5 +10/+5 +6 +11 +8 8 Concentration, 17 Disguise, 15 Spot, 10 Listen, 8 Hide, 8 Move Silently, 10 Knowledge (Local), 15 Knowledge (Religion), 5 Bluff, 9 Gather Information, 12 Disable Device, 12 Search Urban Tracking Opportunistic Strike +4
18th Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 6/Psychic Assassin 5 +11/+6/+1 +7 +12 +9 8 Concentration, 17 Disguise, 15 Spot, 10 Listen, 8 Hide, 8 Move Silently, 12 Knowledge (Local), 16 Knowledge (Religion), 5 Bluff, 15 Gather Information, 13 Disable Device, 13 Search Transporter
19th Lurk 3/Fighter 2/Elocater 7/Psychic Assassin 5 +12/+7/+2 +7 +12 +9 8 Concentration, 17 Disguise, 18 Spot, 10 Listen, 8 Hide, 8 Move Silently, 14 Knowledge (Local), 18 Knowledge (Religion), 5 Bluff, 15 Gather Information, 15 Disable Device, 15 Search Capricious Step
20th Dvati LA +1 - - - - - - 60ft Darkvision, Twins, Echo Attack, Pair Link, Spell Conductor

Spoiler: Lurk Manifesting
Daily Power Points and Manifester Level by HD:
(Includes bonus PP according to the Hidden Talent feat and base intelligence at each level. Magic items and other methods of improvement are not calculated here.)
1 HD: 4 PP, ML 1.
2-3 HD: 7 PP, ML 2.
4-5 HD: 9 PP, ML 3.
6-7 HD: 13 PP, ML 4.
8-9 HD: 19 PP, ML 5.
10-11 HD: 25 PP, ML 6.
12-13 HD: 31 PP, ML 7.
14-16 HD: 37 PP, ML 8.
16 HD: 47 PP, ML 9.
17 HD: 54 PP, ML 10.

Powers Known by HD:
1 HD: Compression, Expansion (Bonus)
2-3 HD: Conceal Thoughts
4-5 HD: Detect Psionics
6-7 HD: Psionic Knock
8-9 HD: Detect Hostile Intent
10-11 HD: Specified Energy Adaptation
12-13 HD: Greater Concealing Amorpha
14-16 HD: Escape Detection
16 HD: Touchsight, Psionic Teleport (Bonus), Psionic Plane Shift (Bonus)
17 HD: Steadfast Perception

Spoiler: Sources
Expanded Psionics Handbook: Elocater, Hidden Talent, many powers
Forgotten Realms Web Articles: Divine Minion of Set
Dragon Magazine Compendium: Dvati
Complete Champion: Knowledge Devotion
Complete Psionics: Lurk, Lurk Master, many powers
Cityscape: Urban Tracking
Urban Classes: Skilled City-Dweller ACF
Exemplars of Evil: Fell Conspiracy
Mind's Eye: Psychic Assassin
Complete Scoundrel: Assume Quirk, Second Impression, Collector of Stories