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    Formian Queen

    Pictures that weren't chosen, for the interested.

    So, the queen. I feel like any in-depth analysis would be fairly unnecessary, as discussion of this creature has been going on for over two pages now.

    The important things: a formian queen is a Large creature with 20 HD, the same qualities a myrmarch has and Telepathy over a range of fifty miles. Her ability scores are good: +10 across the board... except said board is missing two parts. Queens lack strength and dexterity scores, which is pretty bad, though it at least gives you immunity to Shivering Touch (silver linings!). They also have free Eschew Materials, for reasons that will become apparent later.

    The queen has a bunch of SLA's: all of them at-will. They range from nearly useless (Detect Chaos?) to very useful (True Seeing, Hold/Charm Monster). Most are fairly middling, though.

    The real reason to play a formian queen? Free 17th-level sorcerer casting. It doesn't grant 9th-level spells, but it does grant about everything else.

    So what LA is appropriate here? The discussion seems to be between people who point out that 17th-level casting is, well, 17th-level casting, and that the excellent RHD and other abilities basically force a positive LA, and people who point out that a 20th-level sorcerer can get most of the things just listed with a simple Shapechange, while also having other 9th-level spells.

    In the end, I'll give them +1 LA.
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