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    Q: What fungi are unspeakably evil?
    A: Lichen!


    Terrible joke has been made, time for what's perhaps the weakest 3.5 monster. A commoner has his one weapon proficiency, bats can fly away, even toads have at least something they can do in combat. Shriekers? They stand motionlessly, get hit, and make loud noises as they do so.

    So what's a shrieker made of? The ability scores are horrendous, the racial HD do nothing but grant some immunities, and Shriek is more annoying than useful as there's no way to switch it off. I guess one could give them a few manifester or invocation-user levels and hope the resulting build can keep up with the party, but once more there's just no reason to do that. -0 LA.

    Violet Fungus

    In the long history of imaginative D&D names: the violet fungus. Stuff by the same designer that didn't make it into the MM include the scarlet cilate, indigo slime mold and azure aquifex.

    Violet Fungi have 2 plant RHD. They have pretty good strength and constitution scores, but suffer minor hits in charisma and dexterity (as well as completely missing intelligence). Interestingly for a medium creature, they've got reach, which somewhat makes up for the 10 feet move rate.

    These fungi have four natural tentacle attacks, all of which inflict poison that deals strength and constitution damage. That's pretty neat, especially at this level.

    I'm torn between +0 and +1 LA on those, but in the end will be going with +0 (albeit a strong one). Criticism is, as always, welcome.
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