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Wow. So, CafePress has actually suspended my new ornament designs because they say that they need proof that I am the owner of the Order of the Stick trademark. I need to somehow prove that I'm me, even though I have been selling the same content on their site for twelve years—and the trademark type on the bottom of the ornament has literally been unchanged through all 12 previous ornaments (which are all still unsuspended). So, I guess it's good that I went ahead with that sneak preview, or else this would be a lot messier than it already is.

I have no idea how long this will take to resolve, but apparently no one will be able to buy the new ornaments until someone at CafePress fixes it. The old ornaments seem like they're still available, though I suppose anyone interested in buying the old ornaments will want to wait to buy the current ones, too.

Every year, CafePress gets a little bit more unfriendly to people who are trying to use it to maintain a brand rather than just randomly throwing up a slew of indiscriminate designs that the company can aggregate and sell cheap. I have strongly debated closing my shop there every year for the past few years, this might well be the last straw to get me off my butt to find an alternative after Jan 1.

Stay tuned, everybody.
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