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    Dena peers into the office, was that a wolf? Electra seemed to assume it was Raril, but she hadn't know he was some kind of shapeshifter. The things you learn. Still, that had been some impressive shooting on Electra's part. So let's see if she could match it.
    While she wasn't sure if Raril was alive or not, and she hated wasting a perfectly good rune on a corpse, she wasn't going to risk it just to save some money.
    From a pocket of holding she pulls a worn piece of military history, a hand-cannon about the same length as a modern rifle. Something that had been the top-of-the-line back in Dena's ancestor's days, yet still out-gunned pretty much everything her people had now. It wasn't just a cannon though, it was a piece of art too, with delicate rune carvings engraved into the head of a serpent from which maw the cannon itself peaked out. The carvings weren't purely decorative though, even if her ancestors seriously loved gauche-looking artifacts. This thing could launch nearly anything out of its maw with immense force and pin-point precision. It required you to know something about the rune weaving's that extended along the length of the rifle though, these things were not for amateurs.

    She pushes in a small stone in the back of the hand-cannon, aims, and then puts her fingers in the right rune slots for it to launch a object, and the amount of force she wanted to use. A rune stone is then shoot into the office and unless something stops it, will land on Raril and envelope in him a cocoon of healing runic energy. This cocoon should also protect him from further damage for a short while.
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