The Meat Shield

Alignment: Any
Hit Die: d20

Level BAB Saves Special
1 +0 +2/+0/+0 Juicy Flesh, Dual-Shield Technique, Toughness
2 +1 +3/+0/+0 Stocky Build, Toughness
3 +2 +3/+1/+1 Endurance, Toughness
4 +2 +4/+1/+1 Toughness
5 +2 +4/+1/+1 Wall of Flesh, Toughness
6 +3 +5/+2/+2 Full-Body Defense, Toughness
7 +3 +5/+2/+2 Steadfast Determination, Toughness
8 +4 +6/+2/+2 Toughened Hide, Toughness
9 +4 +6/+3/+3 Multi-Shield Technique, Toughness
10 +5 +7/+3/+3 Toughness
11 +5 +7/+3/+3 Toughness
12 +6 +8/+4/+4 Immovable Object, Toughness
13 +6 +8/+4/+4 Toughness
14 +7 +9/+4/+4 Fortified Frame, Toughness
15 +7 +9/+5/+5 Flesh and Steel, Toughness
16 +8 +10/+5/+5 Toughness
17 +8 +10/+5/+5 Toughness
18 +9 +11/+6/+6 Expert at Not Dying, Toughness
19 +9 +11/+6/+6 Greater Fortified Frame, Toughness
20 +10 +12/+6/+6 The Incredible Bulk, Toughness
Class Skills (2 + Int)
Climb, Craft, Heal, Jump, Listen, Profession, Ride, Spot, Swim

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: One simple weapon and all armor and shields (including tower shields).

Juicy Flesh (Ex): A Meat Shield is made of succulent, fatty flesh. All creatures with an Intelligence score less than three must focus on attacking the Meat Shield if he is within 100 feet (or 200 feet if upwind). Creatures with an Intelligence score of three or higher must make a Will save (DC10 + 1/2 level + Constitution modifier) or likewise be forced to attack the Meat Shield. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Dual-Shield Technique (Ex): A Meat Shield is trained only in defense and knows the fabled Dual-Shield Technique. While wielding a shield in each hand, he can gain the AC bonuses of both. However, he also suffers both armor check penalties.

Bonus Feats: A Meat Shield gains Toughness as a bonus feat at every level. He also gains Endurance at level three and Steadfast Determination at level seven.

Stocky Build (Ex): A second level Meat Shield can use his advanced weight to his advantage. For the purposes of opposed Bull Rush, Grapple, Overrun, and Trip attempts, he is treated as having full BAB and being one size category larger. This does not stack with Powerful Build.

Wall of Flesh (Ex): By level five, a Meat Shield has learned how to move with surprising grace. When fighting defensively or using the total defense action, he gains double the normal dodge bonus to AC.

Full-Body Defense (Ex): At level six, a Meat Shield has enough experience defending himself from attack that he can easily guard all sides of his body at once. While using a shield in each hand, he cannot be flanked.

Toughened Hide (Ex): A clever Meat Shield knows how to guard against more than just weapons. At level eight, whenever a spell or effect allows a Reflex save for half damage, he can substitute his Fortitude save, instead.

Multi-Shield Technique (Ex): At level nine, a Meat Shield learns the legendary Multi-Shield Technique which allows any number of shields to be worn. There is no limit to the number of shield bonuses to AC that he can stack, provided he has some method of acquiring them. Strapping shields to his body works, but he gains double the normal armor check penalty for doing so.

Immovable Object (Ex): By level twelve, a Meat Shield has become so heavy that he cannot be moved against his will. He becomes immune to any effect that would move him or knock him prone.

Fortified Frame (Ex): At level twelve, a Meat Shield's weight once again proves to be an asset as his folds of fat protect his vulnerable organs. He gains 50% Fortification. At level ninteen, he becomes immune to critical hits.

Flesh and Steel (Ex): A fifteenth level Meat Shield's skill in defense has progressed to even greater heights. When fighting defensively or using the total defense action, he now gains triple the dodge bonus to AC. This ability supersedes and replaces Wall of Flesh.

Expert at Not Dying (Ex): A Meat Shield who survives to reach level eighteen is one hardy bastard who laughs in the face of death. He gains double his Constitution modifier on Fortitude saves and bonus hit points, and he becomes immune to death effects. In addition, when knocked below zero hit points, he automatically becomes stable.

The Incredible Bulk (Ex): By level twenty, a Meat Shield has endured so many blows that his body has adapted and become better at repairing itself. He gains Fast Healing equal to his Constitution modifier.