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    I couldn't decide which two characters I wanted to develop, so I intertwined their backstories, and should one story be accepted, the other will be wandering Arval. They will stay in contact as best they can as pen pals.

    Andra Rose is a Caryatid Column mixed with a SoulForge Warrior. Theme: stone-flavored warforged warrior
    Spoiler: Andra at a glance

    Yes, I have a soul now. Do not try to push your personal code on me; it will not end well.

    I do not expect anyone to live up to my standards. I will not persecute another because they can't cope with my ideals; they still suffer.

    Oh this book? It has to do with a noble woman and a barbarian man who repeatedly ravishes her in the jungle and they fall in love. Honestly, you humanoids are strange.

    Notable Skills:
    Experienced with Diplomacy, Spot, and Sense Motive and knowledgeable in the Arcane. Can identify more than your average share of monsters despite her smattering of knowledge.

    Contact & Friend
    Cedric Llongwen, a roguish elf whose knowlege and resourcefulness has proved helpful to Andra.
    The Wizards' college off the coast of Arval

    Renya Abdul, a seamstress and leatherworker from the East, befriended Andra amidst the troubles of the town. When Renya learned that Andra knew several traditional Eastern dances, they bonded over travel stories and clothes.

    Spoiler: Backstory

    Guard 76" Rose had been created as an apprentice guard for a wizard's college. After years of encouragement from students, it spent down-time reading. It read so many novels and books of adventure that 76 Rose began to develop its own opinions. When the wizards who maintained 76 Rose noticed her outspoken judgements--especially about pranksters--and they became fascinated with the possibilities. They locked the guard away and after years of experiments, could not grant it a soul but gave it autonomy. Since its favorite character, "Andraste," was from a series of stories about gods that walked among mortals in a land called Greece, they dubbed it "Andra Rose." They would watch 76 with interest to see how its "life" proceeded, and gave it a few enchanted items to ease its adventures.

    Andra found work as a caravan guard. Not long after, she encountered Cedric Llongwen pretending to be a spice trader. Andra watched the elf like a hawk but didn't have any trouble, and when they were in town the elf tried to catch up with her--the last thing she wanted to do--and she negotiated their conversation into remaining "pen pals" so she could keep him at a distance. Better yet, she convinced caravan men that Cedric would be a reasonable replacement as a guard, since he loved to travel and had a comfort with reading others. Andra, for her part, settled into a town that she enjoyed.

    Far from it that she could have made a good life. Soon after she'd established a friendship with a cloth-merchant, Renya, trouble began. She and a group of others routed a den of cultists and soon heard of trouble to the east. But that was where Cedric was headed...

    Spoiler: Appearance

    Clothed in what appears to be only rags, Cedric is a light-grey-skinned elf whose rags hide his nobles' uniform. He sports nonmagical blades at his side to fool others in thinking he is not so dangerous.
    Spoiler: Cedric at a Glance
    Gendry, the local town guard, describes him so: Cedric? He gets into trouble, then he picks the locks and saves a poor common lady and her kids. He steals a gem from some noble and then a week later, when we're out looking to arrest him, we realize folks have stopped disappearing. So...we have our eye on him, but something about him seems to OK.

    Notable Skills: Experienced Disguise and Forgery-crafter and Painter. Expert Bluffer in the making.

    "Life doesn't have straight lines, it's got twists and turns and dead-ends, and I will follow them to do what's best for others."

    "Look-- loook--, Where there's a cult, there's some horrible god, and where there's a horrible god, there's tentacle monsters. I know its bad, but it could also be worse. So let's just focus less on what we should have done and more on what to do next."

    "Of course painting has its uses! How else are you going to have a man capable of engaging with nobles and still remain unnoticed?"

    "I didn't steal that merchant's jewel because I wanted it; I stole it because it's the most expensive one that I know belongs to a corrupt man!"

    Renya Abdullah, Cloth Merchant, Leatherworker and covert smuggler. This woman has many customers and regulars, but she also serves as a contact for Cedric for less-savory enterprises and goods.

    Friend: Besides these darn adventurers? Okay.
    Andra 76 Rose, a former guard of the Wizard's college, roams the lands of Arval and has remained his pen pal. She has favorable standing with the college, and may prove useful if he needs to contact the college.

    Since Cedric's participation with the elimination of the cult in Arval, he's certainly made enemies of the merchants that secretly supported it. They probably aren't all gone.

    Yo'sef Hamamjy, a slick and corrupt trader from the East, despises the fact that Cedric's debts were forgiven and believes he is due considerable interest.
    Spoiler: Cedric Llongwen & some of his story.

    Cedric was sent to an wizard college off the coast of Arval to learn in the great magical traditions of his elven family. Although Cedric proved to be a genius at conjuration is his own right, he could not stand the long hours and rigorous studies arcane magic required. He plied and refined his skill at manifesting tricks and even engaged some of the (bored) college-guards in swashbuckling duels and chases. His desires precipitated no end of trouble, including the disappearance then unofficial banishment of guard 76 Rose. Cedric left the academy without properly analyzing the situation, and although he caught up with 76 Rose, he had to deal with some unfortunate truths.

    His life had to change. Guard 76 was now "Andra Rose," and although she was touched by his regard, didn't want to travel with him, and would remain what she called "pen pals." He had disgraced his family, was forbidden re-entry to the academy because of his unofficial departure, was cut off from his family's support and hounded by debt-collectors. Cedric settled into a small town, decided to let the past be the past, and to enjoy his life as best he could. He made a small name for himself through less-savory jobs, paid off his worst debts from the University, and didnt look back. Much.

    In the midst of his new life, Cedric got himself mixed up into a horrible cult. He wanted nothing to do with the strange god-worshippers, and set them up for some nasty surprises. Upon his escape with a lucrative sum of money, he encountered an adventuring troupe that plied him for knowledge and for help. They (somehow) overlooked his near-involvement with the cult; with such good fortune, he threw in his lot with the adventurers, saved the town, and had (some) debts forgiven. Just as he was going to escape into the wilderness and move on to another town, it seemed they wanted to drag him along to the East, where trouble was again brewing.

    Just as well. Renya was from the East, and if the quality of her silkswere any indication of its would be a good trip. Probably.
    Spoiler: References

    Longstrider Boots, Cowl of Disguises: SRD's Magic Item Creation rules
    - These items were provided by Renya's contacts. Cedric has not, as of yet, paid for their "finder's Fees."

    NB:I retrained Quickdraw since the Soulknife grants it to gain Expanded Knowledge for a total of 3 1st-level powers.
    Mindarmor Enchantment: MIC
    Elven Lightblades: Races of the wild
    Swordsage, disciplines: Tome of Battle
    Shadow Hand Aptitude Enchantment: Tome of Battle Ch 9
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