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    Default Knight Fix

    The Knight

    Alignment: Any Lawful
    Hit Die: d12

    Level BAB Saves Special
    1 +1 +2/+0/+2 Knight's Code, Knight's Challenge, Fighting Challenge +1
    2 +2 +3/+0/+3 Bulwark of Defense, Mettle, Shield Block +1
    3 +3 +3/+1/+3 Uncanny Dodge, Armor Mastery (Medium), Mounted Combat
    4 +4 +4/+1/+4 Knight's Mount, Test of Mettle
    5 +5 +4/+1/+4 Vigilant Defender, Armor Mastery (Heavy), Bonus Feat
    6 +6 +5/+2/+5 Shield Ally, Bond of Loyalty, Fighting Challenge +2
    7 +7 +5/+2/+5 Daunting Challenge
    8 +8 +6/+2/+6 Shield Block +2
    9 +9 +6/+3/+6 Improved Uncanny Dodge
    10 +10 +7/+3/+7 Improved Shield Ally, Bonus Feat
    11 +11 +7/+3/+7 Fighting Challenge +3
    12 +12 +8/+4/+8 Call to Battle
    13 +13 +8/+4/+8 Improved Knight's Mount
    14 +14 +9/+4/+9 Shield Block +3
    15 +15 +9/+5/+9 Impetuous Endurance, Bonus Feat
    16 +16 +10/+5/+10 Fighting Challenge +4
    17 +17 +10/+5/+10 Unassailable Defense
    18 +18 +11/+6/+11 Superior Knight's Mount
    19 +19 +11/+6/+11 Loyal Beyond Death
    20 +20 +12/+6/+12 Shield Block +4, Bonus Feat
    Class Skills (2 + Int)
    Climb, Craft, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty), Ride, Sense Motive, Swim

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: All simple and martial weapons and and all armor and shields (including tower shields).

    Knight's Challenge: Usable a number of times per encounter equal to 1/2 level plus Charisma modifier.
    Test of Mettle (Ex): Opponents must attack you even if it would cause attacks of opportunity or if attacked by someone else.
    Call to Battle (Ex): One use affects all allies within 100 feet. Affects all mind-affecting effects. Usable only once per effect per person.

    Bulwark of Defense (Ex): Threatened area is difficult terrain for all enemies.

    Armor Mastery (Ex): Also reduces armor check penalties by one per four Knight levels.

    Bonus Feat: Animal Affinity, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, or any Fighter Bonus Feat

    Shield Ally (Ex): As an immediate action, you can take any attack aimed at an adjacent ally. The enemy has a 50% chance of targeting you, instead. If successful, the attack is rolled against your AC, and you take any damage or other effects of the attack.

    Improved Shield Ally (Ex): Like Shield Ally, except you have a 100% chance of taking the attack.

    Unassailable Defense (Ex): You gain DR 10/- as long as you are wearing armor. You lose this DR whenever you are denied your Dex bonus to AC.


    Knight's Mount: A Knight's Mount can be any Animal with a CR less than or equal to the Knight's level minus two. It is usually a heavy warhorse (for medium Knights) or a warpony (for small Knights), but it can be any animal large enough for the Knight to ride. The mount is stronger than others of its kind and gains additional hit dice and abilities based on difference between the Knight's level and the mount's CR based on the table below. At every level, a Knight can change his mount. If the mount is ever killed, he can train a new one by spending 100 gp and one week of time.

    Improved Knight's Mount: The mount can now also be any Magical Beast with a CR less than or equal to the Knight's level minus four. Intelligent mounts must have an alignment within one step of the Knight.

    Superior Knight's Mount: The mount can now also be any Dragon with a CR less than or equal to the Knight's level minus six.

    CR Difference Additional Hit Dice Strength Bonus Constitution Bonus Natural Armor Bonus Special
    2 to 4 0 +2 +0 +2 Improved Speed, Share Saving Throws
    5 to 7 2 +4 +2 +3 Devotion
    8 to 10 4 +6 +4 +4 Improved Evasion
    11 to 13 6 +8 +6 +5 Mettle
    14 to 16 8 +10 +8 +6 Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge
    17 to 19 10 +12 +10 +7 Spell Resistance 10+HD
    20+ 12 +14 +12 +8 Damage Reduction 10/-
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