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    d6 Fear Monger

    The Fear Monger

    Alignment: Any non-Good
    Feats: Forge Ring
    Special: Must forge a Fear Monger ring which takes two weeks and costs 6000 gp


    Hit Die: d10

    Level BAB Saves Special
    1 +0 +2/+0/+0 Yellow Ring of Fear, Fear Blast 1d6, Flight
    2 +1 +3/+0/+0 Aura of Fear, Shield +1
    3 +2 +3/+1/+0 Fear Blast 2d6, Weapon Construct +1
    4 +3 +4/+1/+0 Ring Analysis, Shield +2
    5 +3 +4/+1/+0 Fear Blast 3d6, Chain Blast
    6 +4 +5/+2/+0 Shield +3
    7 +5 +5/+2/+0 Fear Blast 4d6, Burst Blast
    8 +6 +6/+2/+0 Weapon Construct +2, Shield +4
    9 +6 +6/+3/+0 Fear Blast 5d6, Improved Flight
    10 +7 +7/+3/+0 Fear Master, Shield +5
    Class Skills (2 + Int)
    Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Disguise, Intimidate, Knowledge (All), Profession, Search, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Fear Monger gains no proficiency in weapons and armor.

    Yellow Ring of Fear (Su): A Fear Monger crafts a magic ring of untold power. All of his abilities are derived from the ring, and he cannot use any of his supernatural or spell-like class features without it. If he is ever separated from his ring, he can call it to himself as an immediate action. The ring appears on his finger regardless of its previous location.

    The ring is powered by the Fear Monger's fear, and he is able to control it. A Fear Monger never suffers the effects of fear. Instead, it increases his power. A Fear Monger has a Fear Score equal to his level plus his Charisma modifier plus any bonus from being subject to a fear effect. Shaken offers a plus one bonus. Frightened offers a plus two bonus. And panicked offers a plus three bonus.

    While the ring is magical in nature, the force of the Monger's power can overcome most impediments. The ring is not subject to any dispelling effect and is immune to Mage's Disjunction. It can work normally in an anti-magic field with a successful Will save. The Fear Monger must save upon entering the field and upon using any of his spell-like class features. If unsuccessful, the ring becomes suppressed for 1d4+1 rounds.

    The ring radiates strong transmutation and conjuration. It has hit points equal to half the Fear Monger's hit point total and has a hardness of 15 + Fear Monger level + Fear Score. It has spell resistance equal to its hardness. The ring is a magic item and occupies a ring slot. It can be enchanted like any item at +50% cost. These extra enchantments function normally and can be dispelled, disjoined, or suppressed as normal.

    Fear Blast (Sp): A Fear Monger's basic ability is to blast enemies with the ring. This ability functions the same as the Ring Blast with two differences. The DC for the saves on his Blast shapes is 10 + his Fear Score, and his blasts have a secondary effect of causing fear. Any creature that takes damage from his Fear Blast must make a Will save vs. fear (DC10 + Fear Score) or become shaken for one round per Fear Monger level. If the creature is already shaken, it becomes frightened, and if it's already frightened, it becomes panicked.

    Chain Blast: Hits a number of enemies equal to one half the Fear Monger's level, all of which must be within 30 feet plus 5 feet per two levels of each other and within 60 feet plus 10 feet per level of the Fear Monger.

    A Fear Monger can, as a move-equivalent action, attempt to induce fear within himself. He makes a Will save against his own Fear Blast DC. If successful, he becomes shaken/frightened/panicked for one minute per Fear Monger level. In unsuccessful, he suffers the normal effects of fear for one round.

    Flight (Su): A Fear Monger can use the power of his ring to propel himself through the air. He can fly with a speed of 60 feet with good maneuverability. At level nine, this improves to 120 ft (perfect).

    Aura of Fear (Su): A Fear Monger constantly radiates a 10 foot aura of fear. Any creature within that aura must make a Will save vs. fear (DC10 + Fear Score) or become panicked until it leaves the aura and for 1d4 rounds after. This ability is constant but can be suppressed or resumed as a free action. It only functions while the Fear Monger is conscious.

    Shield (Su): As the Ring Bearer class feature substituting Fear Score for Will save bonus.

    Weapon Construct (Su): As the Ring Bearer class feature substituting Fear Score for Will save bonus. Simple weapons only.

    Ring Analysis (Sp): As the Ring Bearer class feature.

    Fear Master (Ex): At level ten, a Fear Monger gains total mastery over his ring. It becomes completely indestructible and always works in an anti-magic field. He can now induce fear in creatures that are normally immune to fear or mind-affecting effects. He now automatically fails all Will saves vs. fear and can induce fear in himself as a swift action.


    Ex-Ring Bearers:

    An Ex-Ring Bearer who becomes a Fear Monger gains additional abilities based on his Ring Bearer level. His Ring Bearer level also stacks with his Fear Monger level for determining level-dependant features.

    1 to 2: Fear Blast +1d6, Shield +1

    3 to 4: Fear Blast +2d6, Shield +2, Line Blast

    5 to 6: Fear Blast +3d6, Shield +3, Weapon Construct (Simple) +1, Line Blast

    7 to 8: Fear Blast +4d6, Shield +4, Weapon Construct (Martial) +1, Line Blast, Cone Blast

    9 to 10: Fear Blast +5d6, Shield +5, Weapon Construct (Martial) +2, Line Blast, Cone Blast, Improved Flight (gains Superior Flight at level nine)

    11+: All benefits of 9 to 10 and all Ring Bearer levels above ten are automatically converted into Fear Monger levels.

    Lastly, an Ex-Ring Bearer who becomes a Fear Monger can leech power from a green ring. If he steals one, he can leech power for one minute per Fear Monger level. This allows him to use Wall Construct (Stone) for one hour per minute spent leeching.
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