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    The Phœnīx Estates

    The Phœnīx Suzerain

    The Phœnīx Demesne (Region 7)

    History and Government
    The Phœnīx Estates could be described as an oligarchical republic. Largely a class based society, the Phenite Patricians rules over the Equestrian class of soldiers and the Plebeian commoners. The governing senate is called the Curia Phœnīx, which serves as a legislature from the capital of Rhune. The Alepoúsói Harbinger also holds an esteemed place on the Curia, serving to represent the will of the Alepoúsói. The Harbinger's existence is considered a legacy of the prophet Ananda, who proclaimed the personhood of the Alepoúsói despite their historic persecution. The head of state is the Phœnīx Suzerain, a mysterious and somewhat mythological figure with veto powers over the Curia. It is believed by many that the masked rulers are in fact secretly appointed by the Shishiyan Grand Mahangar and subject to the direct authority of the Church. However, some rumors circulate that the Suzerain is in fact a single immortal being, surviving from the days before even the Prophet Ananda walked Celessa.
    Located tucked between the the peaks of the Iugis Ignis and the sparkling waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Phœnīx Demesne is a craggy land of mountains and rolling hills. While the eastern most border is dominated by the towering Iugis Ignis, the southern border is set by the smaller Panoúrgos Iuga. In the Phœnīx Vale between, the rolling hills are dotted with small forests and shrubbery, with numerous areas burned clear by the wildfires that plague the area. A result of both the latent volcanic activity of the peninsula's central range and the death knells of the region's population of phœnīxes, the periodic fires leave the soil rich and fertile. There among the hills the local Phenite humans grow many staples, from grains and grapes to olive trees. Deep in the mountains of the region is the territory of the Alepoúsói, who call the pastoral valleys of the inlands their home.

    The largest polity in the region is capital of Rhune, located in the Demesne's south on Phœnīxbay, where the Panoúrgos Iuga reach toward the sea. This large metropolis, one of the largest and oldest cities in Celessa, is a major trade hub and the home of the Phœnīx Curia, the regional governing body. In the country's north lies the holy city of Capevasta, located within sight of the Church's holiest site and headquarters, Shanadeer. Tradition holds that it was in Capevesta that the prophet Ananda finally passed, and many Shishiyan faithful make pilgrimage to the city and its holy sites. Meanwhile, deep in the Vale on the border with the mountains lies the small city of Phœnīxkila, a trade hub between the valley Phenites and the Alepoúsói of the mountains. It was in this town that the first intellectual roots of the Yadaism movement began.
    Two major peoples call the Demense home, the human Phenites and the vulpine Alepoúsói.

    The Phenites are a race of handsome, tan skinned humans of an ancient and esteemed culture. They are of a relatively tall height, with eyes and hair of wildly varying color. Considered to be one of the first ethnic groups to embrace the teachings of Ananda, the Phenite have a long proud history in central Celessa as a militaristic and industrious people. Possessing a strong class structure, the majority of Phenites belong to the Plebeian class, citizens of the Demesne born of low standing. Most of the country's farmers, laborers, tradesman, and minor merchants belong to this class. Above them are the Equestrians, minor nobles and members of the warrior class. The Equestrains make up most of the Demense military, and own a sizable chunk of the nations land. The highest class are the Patricians, those esteemed noble houses that govern most of the land, which include members of the Curia, governors, and many of the wealthiest and most powerful merchants and landowners. There exists a certain mobility within this class system, as Plebeians of some means can buy a house and armor to join the military, earning themselves Equestrian status, while Equestrians of great accomplishment, on or off the battlefield, can be named Patricians by the Curia.

    The Phenites are largely devote Shishiyans, with numerous holy sites of the religion within the Demesne's border. Proximity to the Church's headquarters only serves to solidify this relationship, to the point that many describe Shishiyan culture as synonymous with Phenite culture. As a result the Shishiyan Church holds great sway within the region, up to the highest levels of government.

    The Alepoúsói are the other inhabitants of the region, a minority largely consigned to the valleys of the Iugis Ignis and the epitomous Panoúrgos Iuga. Appearing largely human, the Alepoúsói differ in a few features. They are pale skinned and possess ears not unlike those of a fox and long furry tails of similar mien. With often bright and fiery colored hair, they are considered a beautiful race by many, though this appearance does little to diffuse their reputation as a deceitful, vulpine people. Their acceptance within Phenite culture is largely rooted in the teachings of Ananda, but even today they face a great deal of discrimination. Most remain pastoralists in the mountains or wandering traders, largely divorced from the Phenite class system. An Auxlia of Alepoúsói exists among the Equestrian class, however, and comprise some of the most feared soldiers in the legions of the Demesne, under the direct command of the Alepoúsói Harbinger. However, the Curia has done almost nothing to recognize the accomplishments of this group, the Harbinger being the only Alepoúsói of Patrician status.
    Produces: Phœnīx Ashes [Great] A native avian of the region, the volatile phœnīx is a large, brightly colored avian purported to be immortal. The strange species of high intelligent raptor is a common avian predator of the area, and is popular as a pet among the wealthy and elite. The strange feature of the bird is that, when ending its life cycle, the bird violently combusts, rather than dying in the manner traditional to other animals. It is said that the bird re-emerges from the ashes, though little evidence supports this claim. The ashes, however, have a number of strange properties that make them extremely valuable. The ashes make an amazing fuel source, as they violently combust and burn very bright and hot.

    Trade Posts and Control
    Region number Resource Minor Good Great
    7 Phœnīx Ashes PHX O O

    Needs: The Patricians, in a position of power and wealth, demand precious metals for the purpose of status and jewelry, while the Curia desires more to mint coinage.
    With a deep history in the region and some of the Church's holiest sites, the Shishiyan Church holds sway over much of the region and has a profound influence on the culture of the people of the Demesne, to the point that many consider Phenite culture as synonymous with Shishiyan culture. In the city of Phœnīxkila, far from the other major centers in the region and on the border of Alepoúsói territory has arisen the Yadaism faction of the Shishiyan Church, a hardline faction claiming extreme loyalties to the Grand Mahangar. This highly zealous faction is tolerated by the Church do to it extreme orthodoxy and notable loyalty, though some eye the upstart group with suspicion.

    Religious Centers
    Rhune - The Shishiyan Church
    Capevasta - The Shishiyan Church
    Phœnīxkila - Shishiyan Yadaism
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