I apologize for the delays. To make up for it; this update will cover all the MM giants, that way things should be even again.

Cloud Giant

A bad rock-throwing ability, some reasonable combat potential, outdated SLA's, Scent... And all that at the cost of 17 bad RHD.

I think LA -0 is fitting here. Sure, cloudies have a bunch of strength, but the lost iterative and lower PA potential means they will actually end up dealing less damage than a properly buit meleer. Their so-called 'racial traits' don't help much either.

Also, the domains given for cloud giant clerics match those of PHB Pelor and Nerull. Does that mean such a cleric has to worship one of those deities?

Fire Giant

Two less RHD; thank Surtr! It makes a fourth iterative attainable for fire giants, even if it's not until level 20. However, the complete lack of anything except for 'reasonable melee ability' is not enough for a positive LA. -0 LA.

Frost Giant

Another HD down, but it's not enough to justify what's basically a fire giant with less strength. -0 LA.

Hill Giant

12 HD, 25 strength, -0 LA.

Stone Giant

Frost giants, but with two points of strength exchanged for Rock Catching. Do not like, -0 LA.

Stone Giant Elder

A charisma bonus and bad SLA's do not a competent character make. -0 LA.

Storm Giant

If this had full BAB, I might even consider an actual LA here. As it is now, it's just another bag of HP with hastily tacked-on SLA's. -0 LA.

Next are ƍSĻƍxǷ, better known as gibbering mouthers.