Huh. Going to the hospital seems like a great idea. Probably have him checked for, like, amnesia or something. Besides, when has trusting the strange voice in your head ever gone wrong?

Senshi walks through the Soul Society towards the East Gate Hospital. When he gets there, he waits outside the door for a moment, bracing himself. For all he knew, he's been away for years.


Las Noches

Everyone in Las Noches feels the wave of Reiryoku pass over it. A mere annoyance for all the Espada, it is a horrible, constricting pressure on the weakest Hollows, like lying underneath a boulder. Exactly who is causing it is unknown, but whoever it is, it's powerful.

Just outside Las Noches, the source of the Reiryoku is confused and kinda annoyed. "Hello! Would anyone in there mind telling me what exactly this place is? I just passed through here a hundred years ago and there was nothing here!"