[Soul Society]
(Koutetsu Holdings - Meeting Room)

Momoka quirks a small smile. "Indeed not. So to make up for lost time... I realize that there are ceremonies we will need to perform before I am made whole. But at the very least we can prepare for the decrees I wish to make."

"First of all - I would instate Gwynned of Minami district as a full ward of the Tsuyoi clan, and more than that, due to her place as a leader of the former rebels of the Rukon and member of the Mining Union, I would request she be given special consideration as the next in line should I fall in the line of my duty." Gwynned spittakes a bit as she makes a negating motion, but Momoka looks back to her.

"Now hold on, Yuki - or Momoka or Junko or whatever you're goin' by - I didn't sign u-"

"...with all due respect, dearest sister, you were fighting a losing battle. You can do so much more for your people by working with the system. Improving upon it. You can do so much more as a leader than as a martyr." Gwynned is stayed, but still looks reluctant. "I ask again, as the sister you knew - trust me."

Gwynned is quiet, but sighs and... gives a noncommittal shrug. "...fine, whatever."

Momoka nods and turns back, closing her eyes for a moment, breathing, and regaining her composure. She looks rather regal, really, in a certain light. "...the second, I would like to announce my engagement to Hishikawa Setsurou, to bring our two families together and strengthen them through marital bonds."

Gwynned spittakes again. But she doesn't have anything to say this time, just staring at Momoka in disbelief.