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    No witty descriptions today.

    Clay Golem

    Clay Golems are a mixed bunch. On the one hand the construct type offers some very nice immunities, the DR is very tough to overcome, immunity to magic is great for all aforementioned reasons, and 25 strength + large size is definitely not bad for a melee character. On the other hand, 11 construct HD suck, the stats apart from strength are horrible, Cursed Wound is incredibly situational and Berserk basically means any clay golem character is a ticking time bomb.

    I think -0 (maaaaaaybe +0?) is best here. There's honestly better melee races available, most of them without self-destructive racial traits.

    Flesh Golem

    Well, at least this one can be reset once it starts rampaging... as long as its master is nearby. Also, a ton of common effects Slow flesh golems. The strength and natural attacks aren't bad, and weapons should be wieldable, but 9 construct HD is still one hell of a price to pay.

    -0 again.

    Iron Golem

    Lots of strength but 18 RHD. -0 LA.

    Stone Golem

    The Slow effect is actually pretty interesting (if quite confusing fluff-wise). Still, -0 LA. Of greater stone golems we'll not speak.

    I'm quite interested in what the community has to say here. Golems have a bunch of strength but quite a lot of weaknesses as well, and I wonder if some people consider the first to outweigh the second enough for a positive LA.
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