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    Anyone wondering why gorgons are iron-plated, gas-breathing bovines rather than the snake-haired women from Greek mythology? Behold the answer! D&D took inspiration from Edward Topsell's book in other places too, so gorgons being what they are isn't too surprising.

    The monster itself is... pretty underwhelming, to be honest. Sure, 8 magical beast RHD with lots of strength and constitution is nice, but wielding weapons is going to be very difficult and gores are about the worst natural weapon existent.

    Even the main trait, the petrification gas, isn't that great. It's limited to five uses a day and requires a few rounds to recharge, making it getting used twice in the same encounter unlikely. Besides, a 60 ft. cone is huge, it's easy to accidentally catch an ally in there.

    Still, I think +0 is the best LA, though I could see points being made for -0.
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