The Badass

Character Level: 5
Special: Must have spent a minimum of three combat encounters contributing virtually nothing to the battle despite your best efforts and must have been routinely mocked for it by your companions.


Hit Die: d12

Level BAB Saves Special
1 +2 +4/+4/+4 Badass
Class Skills (10 + Int)

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: All weapons, armor, and shields.

Badass: A Badass gains the Badass subtype which provides the following traits:
  • All your ability scores increase to 14. If any were already 14 or higher, they increase by 2 points.
  • One chosen ability score increases by a further 4 points.
  • All of your current and future hit dice increase by one step (to a maximum of d12).
  • All scaling class features, such as sneak attack, spellcasting, or eldritch blast, are treated as if you were two levels higher in that class.
  • Once per encounter, you can treat a roll of a natural one as if it were a natural twenty.
  • You no longer auto fail saving throws on a natural one.
  • You gain Evasion, Mettle, and Uncanny Dodge. If you already had any of them, you gain the Improved version, instead.
  • You can always take 10 on all skill checks, even if rushed or threatened.
  • You gain one bonus feat for which you qualify. It can be a feat that can normally only be taken at first level.
  • You gain one spell-like or psi-like ability of 2nd level or lower from any list that is usable at will. If you choose a psi-like ability, you acquire the Psionic subtype if you do not already have it.
  • You gain a pair of sunglasses that grant a +4 competence bonus on all Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks. They provide permanent True Seeing. They also eliminate light sensitivity and light blindness. If your sunglasses are ever stolen, broken, or otherwise lost, you can pull a new pair out of your pocket.
  • You gain a leather coat. It is light armor that provides an AC bonus of 10 with no max dexterity bonus, no armor check penalty, and no arcane spell failure. It provides immunity to fire and death effects. It is indestructible and can be worn by monks and other such unarmored classes without interfering with their class features.

Any class that imposes multiclassing restrictions can take a level in Badass and can still continue in their original class.