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    Marlock Garrison

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human Tiefling

    Age: Longer then he can remember

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Class/Profession: Marlock should have been dead long ago when his brother Damon destroyed their home, their friends, their family and the entire city that they lived in. However instead of dying, Marlock woke up in the middle of the burnt ruins of his home and was spoken to by an old and ancient voice. The voice gave no indication of who they were, what they wanted or what they had planned. Marlock was simply bestowed with a gift to help him find and eliminate his brother. Marlock was gifted with the power of the great old ones and should death ever take hold of him whoever granted these powers simply sends him back starting at square one.

    Personality: Marlock was a kind and caring person once but the trauma he's been hurled through has damaged his mental state severely. He still tries to help those in need to the best of his ability but his methods of doing so are actually quite scary. Those who would kill the innocent are who Marlock hates the most and he shows them no mercy.

    Equipment: An ancient black tome that whispers in the minds of those who lay their eyes on it. On both sides are a pair of closed eyes that open when the book is in use and the pages on the inside appear blank to the untrained eye. Should anyone write in the empty pages of the book the text will disappear, then a red text will respond in a language the creature can understand long enough for them to read. This book is an artifact of power and can't be destroyed unless it is eaten by one of the Great Old Ones. It name, The Grimoire of the All-Seer.

    Appearance: A pale white tiefling with inverted eye color (where his whites are black and his pupils are white), short white hair, small nubby horns, shark like teeth and long tail. He stands about 5'10 and weighs 176 pounds. Marlock tends to wear a black coat, white shirt, black jeans with a chain belt.
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