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Casting, personally. I think it tends to fit the tier better.
Definitely. Here's what I've come up with. I've tried to limit the number of dragmag/ web/ setting-specific spells, and there's a few substitutes here in case anyone takes issue with a few spells.

Spoiler: @Lvl 15 Spells known 9/6/6/6/6/5/4/3, LE or NE alignment (LG/ NG also works well)
0 (9)

1 (6)
Drug Resistance (buffs)
Ice Slick (BFC)
Obscuring Mist (BFC)
Heartache (will SoL)
Sign (buff)
Painless Death (no save w/ diplomacy)

Swap out:
Detect Fire (after Call Zelekhut)

2 (6)
Share Talents (skills)
Silence (BFC, no save)
Dark Way (BFC, movement)
Find Traps (skills)
Divine Insight (all the skills)
Protection from X (immunity)

Swap out:
Shatter (movement) (after Footsteps of the Divine)

Other picks:
Summon Elysian Thrush (traps, scouting, healing) (Good)
Augury (divination)
Rigor Mortis (fort save)
Guidance of the Avatar (skills)

3 (6)
Animate Dead (minions)
Control Sand (BFC)
Dominate Vermin (minions)
Footsteps of the Divine (movement)
Laogzed's Breath (fort SoL)
Blade of Pain and Fear (will SoS)

Swap out during leveling:
Dispel Magic (after Call Zelekhut)

Other picks:
Venomfire (blasting)
Affliction (debuffing)
Chain of Eyes (divination)
Blindness (fort SoL)
Magic Circle Against X (immunity)
Shivering Touch (no save)
Meld Into Stone (movement)
Glyph of Warding (action economy)

4 (6)
Divination (divination)
Boccob's Rolling Cloud (ref save, blasting)
Freedom of Movement (movement, immunity)
Wall of Sand (no save SoD, BFC)
Venom Bolt (fort SoL)
Mystic Aegis (immunity)

Other picks:
Giant Vermin (minions, better with GM permission for more options)
Consumptive Field (+CL)
Dweomer of Transference (immunity)
Air Walk (movement)
Stop Heart (fort SoD)
Wrack (fort SoL)

5 (5)
Call Zelekhut (debuffs, divination, anti-movement)
Plane Shift (movement)
Elemental Guardian (minions)
Incarnation of Set (polymoph)
Doomtide (will save, BFC)

Other picks:
Streamers ("no" button)
Bewildering Mischance (debuff)
Oath of Blood (minions)
Heartclutch (fort SoD)
Boreal Wind (BFC, blasting)
Wall of Ooze (fort SoD)
Door of Decay (movement)
Spell Haven (action economy)
Commune (divination)
Frostbite (no save)
True Seeing (divination)
Scrying (divination)
Investiture of the Orthon (anti-movement)

6 (4)
Antilife Shell (immunity)
Dispel Magic, Greater ("no" button)
Heal (cure)
Create Undead (minion)

Other picks:
Call Faithful Servants (minion, immunity, blasting) (Good)
Zealot Pact (blasting)
Glyph of Warding, Greater (action economy)
Mummify (fort SoD)
Meersalm Skin (immunity)
Eyes of the Oracle (action economy)
Awaken from Afar (utility, tricky)
Find the Path (foresight)
Word of Recall (movement)

7 (3)
Blasphemy (no save SoD, SoL, SoS)
Ethereal Jaunt (movement)
Fey Ring (minion, divination)

Other picks:
Planar Bubble (action economy, buffs)
Shield of the Archons (immunity) (Good)
Holy Transformation (buffs) (Good)
Holy Word (no save SoD, SoL, SoS) (Good)

You could also just prepare Summon Monster X, Summon Undead X, Conjure Ice Beast X, or the Planar Ally line at every chance. I didn't include those in the above, but each of them individually provide an incredible amount of versatility and are pretty obvious picks.

A lot of the spells that a Cleric would find far more powerful (Word of Recall, Glyph of Warding) are limited because of the FS's spells known. However, there's still a great variety of potent spells from which to pick. The other problem is that although FSs can have access to a lot of the same combos as Clerics, they clearly pay a much higher opportunity cost to use them.