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    Pawn 109

    Gender: Has a female voice.

    Race: Clockwork Golem

    Age: according to those who discovered her she is a few thousand years old.

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Description: (Looks like the picture, the picture is not mine.)

    Abilities: Is skilled with technology and ancient forms of magic that were once thought to be lost.

    Items: Has some small tools built into her for the purposes of self repair and crafting but that's about it.

    Personality: Pawn is thinks purely based on logic and doesn't understand most mortal emotions. However her lack of understanding makes her extremely curious, especially since she has been deactivated for so long.

    Misc: Pawn is meant to be a simple character that who should fit into most rps. Basically i just want to build her backstory to fit any situation she is thrown in.
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