Halt the Slayer

Gender: Male

Race: Half Orc

Age: 19

Description: a well muscled, athletic man with battle scars covering a good percentage of his body. He has green tinted skin, Cesar cut black hair, decently sized orc canines and red eyes. He wears a black denim jacket, white shirt, blue jeans and carries a greatsword with a powerful magic surrounding it.

Profession: Halt is a lone Mercanary/bounty hunter. He has no special powers other then the fact that he is incredibly strong from years of training, to the point where he rivals the strength of giants. He is also a great athlete and can outrun or outlast most people he is pursuing.

Items: Halt's greatsword was blessed by the gods for his exemplary service in the fight against evil. He named his sword "Warden" as its purpose is to defend the weak and rally allies. The sword makes halt significantly stronger when he is angry and allows him to take any wounds that would be inflicted on who he considers allies. The more hurt he gets the stronger he gets, but once his rage ends he feels the weight of his wounds hit him ten fold being more painful then normal.

Personality: Halt is a gruff fellow who is not afraid to charge into the heat of combat. While many takes this as him being careless and stupid, Halt is actually neither of these things. Yes he can be a brute at times but he has the mental capability to plan stuff out and actually prefers having a stuff organized to some extent. He has learned many different tactics to approach a situation such as sneaking, talking (usually intimidation) and if neither of those work then he just fights.

Despite his rough exterior Halt knows how to have a good time and if you get on his good side he will open up to you. In fact one of his favorite jokes are actually pranks.